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Last Updated on January 2, 2024

Track Your Courier

In today’s fast-paced world, people are always on the go and need quick and easy access to information. This is especially true when it comes to tracking a parcel, as we all want to know where our package is and when it will arrive. That’s why we’re excited to introduce our free Canada Post tracking service on our website. Now, anyone can simply visit our website, enter their Canada Post tracking number, and find out the real-time status of their parcel and shipments. .

With our easy-to-use tracking service, you can stay informed every step of the way and never have to wonder about the whereabouts of your package again. So whether you’re a business owner shipping products to customers, or an individual waiting for a special delivery, our Canada Post tracking service is the perfect solution for you

How to track a package with Canada Post?

Our tracking tool provides reliable transportation tracking for Canadian Post. For tracking with reference numbers, follow these steps:-

  • Type the Canada post tracking reference number/ item number or Delivery Notice Card number above.
  • Click on the “Track” button
  • Your shipments status will be displayed to you.

With our free Canada Post tracking service, you can easily stay updated on the status of your package every step of the way. Our tracking page will provide detailed information about your package, including the date and time it was accepted, and the location of its current transportation. Additionally, in case of any delays or issues with delivery, our tracking page will also provide updates on the status of your package.

Whether you’re shipping domestically within Canada or internationally to the USA, our tracking service will give you all the information you need to know about your package’s progress. You can track when it was left Canada and monitor its delivery until it reaches you. This way you can have a peace of mind knowing that you always have all the details you need about your package’s whereabouts.

Tracking poste Canada francais

Canada Post service offers shipping within Canada and internationally. We understand that not everyone speaks English, which is why we have made sure that our tracking tool is also available in French. Whether you are tracking a parcel or regular mail, you can now do so in the language of your choice. This feature ensures that our service is accessible to all, and makes it easy for our clients to stay updated on their package’s whereabouts regardless of the language they speak.

What does a Canada Post tracking number look like?

If you are wondering how to read canada post tracking number then this is for you. This tracking numbers consist of either 13 or 16 digits. The delivery notice card number consists of 15 digits. 

Following are the samples of Canada Post tracking numbers:

Tracking Number DigitsTracking Number
13JVGL 0000 0056 789
15QQ 111 123 456 CA
160104 5310 0002 0811

Facts and Figures:

Canada Post Corporation is a Canadian postal service managing to be at the top in the logistics industry across Canada. The firm’s foundation was placed in 1867, with the business name of the Post Office Department of the Canadian government known as Royal Mail Canada. 

The firm is still a part of the government and comes under a Crown corporation. In the 1960s, Royal Mail Canada was replaced with the name “Canada Post .” For customers in French, it is spelt as “Postes Canada.”

The company thrives in fulfilling clients’ needs with its well-managed and reliable transportation solution. They excels in the transportation of regular mail in Canada, parcels, and freight shipments all over Canada and to foreign countries such as the USA, just like Intelcom tracking does in Canada.

Due to its extensive experience, Canada Post has provided door-to-door and international shipments to around 16 million destinations. The company takes responsibility for the employees working for the betterment of the customers. 

Continuous innovation in the solutions to provide excellent shipment service helps the company gain the customers’ trust.

Canada Post Services:

Canada Post service extends nationally and outside Canadian borders to countries like the USA. The firm cooperates with international logistics services like Borderfree and USPS for international deliveries. For such a vast transportation of Canadian shipments,  our tracking tool gives customers a valuable service for tracking freight shipments. You can get Canada Post express tracking, regular parcel tracking, priority letters tracking, international letter post tracking and registered mail tracking here.

Personal services:

Transportation services availed by the individual customers are offered in the stated category.


Canadian Post shipment offers several ways for a customer to opt for receiving mail. The option for delivering registered mail, parcels to home addresses, and different destinations, like delivery to a post office (flex delivery), is provided. 

Even a delivery option to a temporary or new address is available. The customers, according to their feasibility, can direct their Canada mail or packages. They are responsible for keeping the shipments safe. They also offer office boxes for registered mail or lockers to keep parcels other than your home. 


This section covers the Canada Post international rates to send mails, letters, or any item across Canada or internationally. 

Within Canada:
Standard mails:

Sending standard mail across Canada, which includes postcards, standard cards, or envelopes, costs $1.07 and $0.92 for a single stamp and a stamp in a booklet, respectively. The prices, as mentioned earlier, are only for mail, around 30g. Mail over 30g to 50g costs $1.30.

Non-standard Mails:

Objects heavy in weight, like cards, documents, and envelopes, are considered non-standard mail. They are oversized posts which price at $1.94 for 100g mail. $3.19 is the cost for posts ranging from 100g to 200g. 

Mails between over 200g to 300g price $4.44. Mails that weigh above 300g to 400g and above 400g to 500g cost $5.09 and $5.47, respectively. However, look into parcel services for mail that weighs above 500g.

Shipping from Canada to USA cost:
Standard mails:

Mails weighing around 30g and above 30g to 50g are standard mails. They cost $1.30 and $1.94, respectively, when delivered from Canada to the USA.

Non-standard Mails:

For non-standard mail that weighs less than and around 100g, the Canada Post rate is $3.19. Similarly, $5.57 is the price for above 100g to 200g. The fee for mail that weighs between above 200g to 500g is $11.14.

Small Packet USA:

To send items less than 1kg, they can be transported by air availing Small Packet USA service. It delivers the package between 5-8 days. 

Xpresspost USA:

The Xpresspost USA offers a time-efficient delivery of packages and mail. It ensures signatures and tracking of parcels delivered to several states of the USA. The expected arrival date of the parcel is 2-3 working days. Furthermore, you can use our tracking tool to track xpresspost USA as well.

Tracked packet USA:

To deliver packages with a small volume of upto 1 kg across the USA, consume tracked packet service. The service offers economical and fastest delivery between 4-7 days providing an insurance cost of $100. 

Expedited parcel USA:

Expedited parcel service is the same as tracked packet service; however, it delivers packages that don’t need to be delivered within a time frame. The delivery only transports packages that are under 30 kg. The packet delivery time is 4-7 days across the USA.

Standard mails:

If you are delivering standard-size mail internationally, the Canada Post tracked international packet price for mail around 30g and above 30g to 50g is $2.71 and $3.88 according to Canada Post tracked international packet size.

Non-standard Mails:

The process for non-standard mail also varies. For instance, the fee for a weight of around 100g is $6.39. Mails that weigh higher than 100g – 200g entail a price of $11.14. Lastly, items weighing more than 200g to 500g cost $22.28. To transport items above 500, look for Canada Post parcel rates here : . 

Small Packet international air/surface:

The Small Packet international (air/surface) is an economical service to be availed by consumers. It delivers items that are not time targeted and can be delivered between 1-2 months to Europe through the surface. Otherwise, within more than 12 days, they are transferred to Europe.

Xpresspost international:

Xpresspost international delivers to more than 70 countries ensuring tracking, affordable and quickest deliveries to foreign countries. The speed of transportation is 4-7 business days. 

Tracked package international:

Use tracked international packet service to deliver packages with less volume under 2 kg to 38 selected countries. It offers affordable and tracked service within 6-10 working days with $100 insurance.

International parcel – Air/surface:

For countries where express post international isn’t available, consume International parcels – air/surface. The transportation of large-volume packages is made possible at an economical price. 

Transportation by air can be done in 6-10 days, while transport via surface can take 1-2 months. Do remember to send those packages that are not to be delivered within a specific time frame through international parcels – air/surface. 

International parcel air and surface tracking can be searched with our tracking tool and show delivery status.

Priority worldwide:

Priority worldwide offers transportation to both USA and international countries on an urgent basis. The service provides money back if the delivery is outside the time limit. It ensures delivery package the very next day after receiving the parcel.

Remember: They also offers online stamps, permanent stamps, and the usage of old stamps. For the fastest delivery, avail the post office prepaid envelopes. Across Canada they offer the fastest transportation option, allowing customers to choose priority delivery service. The service delivers shipments the following day after picking up the parcels at the mentioned destinations: local, regional and national. 

The delivery timings for priority service are the same for the USA and other international shipments. The company is also responsible for international & local insurance. The company bears liability coverage for $100 and $5000 in extreme situations. The liability coverage of $5000 and collection on delivery demand a fee.  In addition, a fee is accepted to deliver the parcel back to the sender with a return label. However, the collect-on-delivery service (COD) is only available for some international clients. In addition, the company offers packet signature, but it entails a fee.

Money services:
Postal money order:

The delivery of Canadian postal money orders can be done via Canada Post. The money order up to $999.99 with a charge of $7.50 is sent. No fee for cashing the money order from any post office in Canada is charged. 


Furthermore, for the benefit of its customers, Canada Post shipment, in collaboration with MoneyGram, allows transferring money at affordable prices to the people they care about. The offer also includes receiving payments through money orders or cash amounts. Even the option of e-transfer is available. You can enter the MoneyGram reference number in our tracking tool and do Canada Post Moneygram tracking.

Business services:

Business services are offered to the corporate sector clients.

Find rates and ship:

If you want to ship within Canada, Canada Post gives you immense opportunities for transportation. Clients with smaller businesses can ship their parcels through the snap ship. 

The comparison of Canadian postage rates, which best suits the customer, along with providing a label and booking a pickup service, is all done by snap ship. While shipping manager is an online tool for businesses that send 10 to 50 parcels daily or set up contracts with a shipping service. 

The tool offers clients to make multiple labels and save the dimensions of the labels for future use. It helps fill the customer data for international shipments, which can e later. 

On the other hand, software named est 2.0 offer Customers to transport shipments with high volume. Companies dealing with such transportation can contact Canada Post and ask for the software. 

The software aids in sending multiple packages at a time. By availing of such software, customers can benefit from discounts as well. The employees of the company can access the software at the same time. 

Customers can make payments via debit cards. The software also offers a comparison of rates for the clients. The software also helps create customer orders that entail mailing statements to initiate campaigns across Canada and internationally.

Shipping service:

Regular parcel:

Regular and expedited parcels are very reliable services for customers to transport their items. They are not only affordable but are also suitable for heavy-load shipments. They offer a standard of delivery for the shipments that are supposed to be transferred to the urban areas. 

For places other than marketed areas, the delivery time depends on the weather, location, etc. However, to ship Regular parcels locally via Canada Post, the estimated delivery time is 1 – 3 days. At the same time, the delivery time for shipping locally for the expedited parcel is 1- 2 working days. 


Xpresspost guarantees delivery in 2 days. It is an efficient and quick service. It usually delivers within the next day locally. The cost demanded of the service is as per the size and volume of the package. 

However extra fee for using extra options is demanded. Lastly, prepaid express post envelopes at a flat rate or postage paid are also available. You can choose from any size and Type.

Priority service:

Priority-based service is the quickest service across Canada. This shops locally within next working day. This service transports between major urban areas and allows signature collection or pickup service according to the customer’s demand. 

No extra payment for value-added features costs; the payment of the parcels depends on the weight and size of the package. The service can do the pickup in another place where you are absent, known as third-party pickup. It is for commercial business clients.

Preaffixed shipping labels are provided for the prepaid priority envelopes. 

Rules to remember for xpresspost and priority service:

Xpresspost and priority service cover liability costs up to $100. 

The main feature of the services is the delivery options. If the delivery is asked to be delivered at home. The parcel is set somewhere safe, or a card is placed on the door to inform the customer they can pick up the parcel from the nearby post office Incase nobody’s at home. 

Otherwise, customers can order to deliver the parcel to any post office of their liking. The parcel can also be placed in the mailbox; if it doesn’t fit, the delivery man drops it at the nearest post office and if someone else is at home. 

Be cautious about taking a government-issued photo id to receive your parcels from the nearby post office.


Cannabis that has restrictions on transportation by the government can be shipped through Canada Post only if the customer has a license. The logistics service guarantees confidentiality. 

The Canada Post proof of age rule checks the recipient’s age and whether the client is acceptable to receive such stuff. Also, the firm ensures delivery of the package to the home address or nearby post office. 

The package can be shipped through any of the 3 services discussed above. Optional features in the service include only one-time pickup service demanded by the client or If the customer requires weekly regular pickup service.

As well as the firm provides liability coverage of $5000 on items above $100 to the client. The option for home delivery is available. Otherwise, customers can use flex delivery and pick up the parcel from the 6200 post office locations of the firm.

Third-party and custom shipping solutions:

The service offers customers to ask for third-party software from their vendors; otherwise, it is also an option to create their custom software. To avail of a custom solution, call Canada Post on 1-866-757-5480

For the third part of the software, contact the vendors like ADSI, Agile Canada, Bastian Solutions, CanLogix Inc., Centiro Solutions Inc., ConnectShip, and Creative Logistics. 

Other vendors include Descartes, Logistyx Technologies, Pitney Bowes – SendSuite, Precision Software, Pro ship, Queen City software, and Ratelinx. The following vendors are recommended for third-party software SCT Software, Shippinghub, Tecsys, and Varsity Logistics Inc.

Ship Internationally:

Find rates and ships:

Canada post also offers international shipping services. Their services are similar to what they offer within Canada, Snap Ship, and EST 2.0 and work similarly.

Compare Shipping Services:

Canada Post offers several different and specific shipping options for the USA, along with several international shipping speeds and features. There are:

Small Packet – USA:

Small Packet is a cost-effective shipping service for small and lightweight items of less than 2 kg for the U.S. only. Through this, the item will be delivered within 5 to 8 business days. The shipping cost for the item is calculated according to weight, while value-added options are added for free.

Small Packet International – Air or Surface:

Canada Post Small Packet International – Air is a cost-effective shipping service for small and lightweight items of less than 2 kg. It is Canada Post’s most economical no-frills service for non-time-sensitive parcels, through which the parcel arrives at the destination within 6 to 10 business days. The costs are calculated according to the parcel’s weight, while value-added options are added for free.

Tracked Packet – USA:

Designed specifically for small and lightweight items less than 2 kg going to the U.S., it is Ideal for e-commerce shipping because it offers several special features like online tracking of the parcel and insurance coverage up to $100. The Tracked packet cost is calculated according to weight, while value-added options are added for free.

Tracked Packet – International:

Shipping services for small and lightweight items of less than 2 kg are available in 31 countries. It offers special features like online tracking and insurance coverage of up to $100; hence it is ideal for e-commerce businesses. The shipping fee is calculated according to weight, while value-added options are added for free.

Canada Post Expedited parcel:

It is an offer with a reasonable price. The service offers to deliver packages under 30 kg that need to be transported in a different time frame. The tracking status is ensured, along with the insurance cost of $100. The transportation speed is 4-7 days across USA states. The shipping fee is calculated according to weight, while value-added options are added for free.

International parcel air/surface:

An economical service to transfer items with high volume and size to foreign countries. International parcel via air is transferred in more than 12 days, while international parcel surface is the most reasonable service to deliver items that don’t have a time frame. The shipping fee is calculated according to weight, while value-added options are added for free. The service is available for those countries where the xpresspost service doesn’t operate.

Xpresspost USA:

Affordable service to transport documents and packages in a time frame with guaranteed tracking and signatures across USA states. The speed of transportation is 2-3 working days. The shipping fee is calculated according to weight, while value-added options are added for free.

Xpresspost international:

Cost-effective and fastest delivery of documents and items to more than 70 foreign countries. It ensures delivery to the destination within the time limit of 4-7 days. The service is available for those countries where the xpresspost service doesn’t operate. The shipping fee is calculated according to weight, while value-added options are added for free.

Priority worldwide:

Delivery to the USA and 192 countries internationally in the fastest manner is done through the service. The parcel is delivered, ensuring returning of the money if documents and packages aren’t delivered on time. To several USA states, the packages arrive at the location between 4-7 days. The shipping fee is calculated according to weight, while value-added options are added for free.


Canada Post has 6200 post offices across Canada. To pick up your package from the post office, look up the postal code on the website. The post office code can help you track the post office address. 

The company’s branches are scattered across Canada, for instance, in

  • Vancouver
  • Toronto
  • Ontario
  • Edmonton
  • Windsor
  • Hamilton
  • Montreal
  • Calgary
  • Ottawa
  • Quebec city
  • Winnipeg
  • Hamilton
  • London
  • Halifax
  • Victoria

International delivery by Canada Post is done to the following countries:

  • India
  • Greece
  • Japan
  • Russia
  • Australia
  • Taiwan
  • Singapore
  • Hong Kong (China)
  • Asendia (USA), etc.

Canada Post Contact details & Customer services:

Canada Post provides efficient customer services, ensuring the safety of the parcels. Customers can reach them online through social media and phone. 

Social media:

According to European time, the customer representative is responsive from 9 am to 5 pm. You can contact them via Twitter @canadaposthelps or join the Facebook group to share your opinions about the Canada Post. To understand how to use their services step by step, you can check out their YouTube channel as well.


General inquiries regarding personal services, which include information about the delivery status of items to be tracked, community mailboxes, as well as rates of postage, are addressed. Issues related to sending or receiving emails and marketing emails are also answered. The times to address the queries are

Monday to Friday7 am – 9 pm
Saturday and Sunday9 am – 9 pm

The same timings are to be followed for money order verification. The following are phone numbers to contact them:

Money Order verification : 1-866-607-6301.
For clients outside Canada, contact this number: 416-979-3033

For information about postal code, a fee of $1.25 is charged for every call. Only 3 postal codes per call can be provided. The timings mentioned above are to be observed to reach them on this number: 1-900-565-2633.

The technical support desk is available 24/7 to satisfy customers regarding epost, epost connect, or flex delivery. Issues like getting details about usernames and passwords are also provided. The number is stated below to call them at: 1-877-376-1212.

A unique initiative to cater to the needs of the deaf, a device is available at the following number 1-800-267-2797.

To track business package services like solutions for small businesses, call them from 7 am to 9 pm from Monday to Friday. For Saturday and Sunday, reach them between 9 am to 9 pm. 

The number is 1-877-262-5762 to satisfy your needs.

Volume-based commercial customers can enquire about Canada Post on 1-866-757-5480

Commercial billing or payment inquiries can be solved through 1-800-267-7651, Monday to Friday, between 8 am and 8 pm.

24-hour technical support service is provided for password and username solutions. Solutions for est tools or electronic mailing and epost or epost connect CAN be done via 1-877-376-1212. 

The customer can file a complaint by submitting a service ticket or chatting with them. The service ticket to Canada Post is submitted only if the client believes the package has been lost by Canada Post.

Lastly, you can write to them at the following Po box address :


Shipping services are closed on Christmas and New Year’s Eve. You can receive the deliveries either early or face a delay because of the parcel’s weight or if the package’s route is changed.

Canada Post Management:

Sr #NameDesignation
1Doug EttingerPresident and CEO
2Jan C. FaryaszewskiChief Financial Officer
3Manon FortinChief Operating Officer
4Rod HartChief Customer and Marketing Officer
5Susan MarglesChief People and Safety Officer
6Jo-Anne PolakSenior Vice-President, Corporate and Employee Communications
7Daniel BeaulneVice-President, Health, and Safety
8Alexandre BrissonVice-President, Operations Transformation
9Michael ButeraVice-President, Pension Fund and Chief Investment Officer
10Carrie ChisholmVice-President, Environment, Social, Governance (ESG)
11Anjali KapalVice-President, Product Management and Customer Experience
12Nadim KaraVice-President, Human Resources and Employee Experience
13Ian KerrVice-President, Business Transformation
14Alice LaffertyVice-President, Operations Excellence
15Barbara MacKenzieVice-President, Finance, and Controller
16Serge PitreVice-President, Business Development
17Mike ShearonVice-President, Operations
18Michael YeeVice-President, Financial Services


According to our research for Canada Post, we could find mixed reviews for delivery service. However, some people were satisfied with the delivery service. 

However, the majority of the customers reported the inefficient service of Canada Post. The customers believed that the company should improve its delivery schedule. 

The customer’s frustration with why Canada Post is so slow has decreased the client’s trust in the services. The slow service to deliver shipments has not only stressed customers but also made a bad impression on the company.

Canada Post Tracking Status Explained

In transit

The package has been received by the firm and is dispatched to the destination. After entering the reference number, you can do the Canada Post tracking transit via our tracking tool.

Out for delivery

The package has left for its final location. .

Notice left

The package is left at the nearby post office for the customer to pick it up since it couldn’t be delivered to the destination. The reasons for such a decision are either no one was at the destination to receive the package, or the package couldn’t fit into a mailbox. 

Other reasons include the pickup option provided by the customer, so the package was left at the post office. Therefore If a delivery notice card is left at your door, follow the instructions to pick up your parcel.

Delivery Attempt Made / Rescheduled for delivery next business day.

This status indicates that the shipment couldn’t be delivered for certain reasons, and the consignee was also unavailable at mentioned locations. So the delivery would be done next regular day. 

Verifying recipient’s address; Possible delay

The address mentioned on the package had an error due to which the package couldn’t be delivered. Until the error isn’t resolved, the parcel will not be dispatched. If the error remains unresolved, the company will send the parcel back to the sender after 14 days. 

The return charge for the parcel has to be paid by the sender. The payment is sometimes zero or varied according to the size and volume of the package.

Check delivery progress

There might be an interruption in delivering your package. Once the package is sent back to the sender, the company can not reverse the process. However, the status would continue to show.

Item held by customs

If the package is transported internationally, it has to pass through customs. If the parcel is under observation by customs, the company cannot deliver that shipment. Once the parcel is cleared, the tracking of the package will become available. The process for tracking USA customs is also the same. A parcel could be delayed because of its documentation or load of package clearance at the customs office. Such reasons contributing to delay can neither be intervened by Canada Post nor the logistics services that receive the parcel internationally to deliver.

Delivered as a safe drop

The delivery staff tries to reach you to deliver the package to you. However, the parcel was left in a safe spot (safe drop) due to your non-availability. Now you don’t have to visit the post office. The parcel was left at a place which isn’t visible to anyone, like a porch extra. Also, the package doesn’t need signatures like duties, postage fees, etc. Remember that the sender did not mention instructions for delivery staff to drop off the parcel safely. The safe drop notification is sent to the recipient for heads up. If the notification was dropped, but there was no safety for the parcel to be kept, then track the parcel for further information.

Available for pickup

It means your parcel is currently present at a post office. Follow the delivery notice card to collect your package. Visit the post office with a government-issued photo I.D. and a delivery notice card if you have received it. Otherwise, you can send a person to sign a delivery notice card with the name of the person who is sent to your place. Secondly, a letter of authorization showcasing the sent person’s right to act instead of you. 

Tracking information is unavailable.

It is not necessary that your parcel isn’t delivered. However, the following could be reasons for such status:

  • The time between scanning the parcel and updating the software’s status has appeared.
  • The status takes time to be updated in rural areas.
  • If the package is internationally delivered, it will take time to update. 

Lastly, track information for Small Packet and Letter-post isn’t available if sent internationally or to the USA.

Canada Post Tracking Frequently Asked Questions:

Where is the tracking number on the Canada post receipt for receiving items?

If the item is an online order like from Daraz, then find the email forwarded by the sender. It would contain a reference number. Also, usually, senders create specific reference numbers, so contact the sender to provide you with the unique reference number. If you have received a delivery notice card, you can track the 15-digit tracking number on the top of the barcode. The delivery notice card only applies to delivery within Canada.

How to check the Canada Post tracking numbers for shipped items?

The Canadian address format to track nationally shipped items consists of 16 digits. The items do not include prepaid envelopes or Labels. You can find the tracking number on the receipt or the copy of the label placed on your shipment. For foreign or USA deliveries, the tracking number consists of 13 digits. The Parcels do include Prepaid envelopes and labels. You can locate the tracking number on the receipt or the copy of the label placed on your shipment. If you did not ship the product at the time of buying via their prepaid service, the tracking number would not appear.

What about lost tracking numbers?

For confidentiality issues, Canada Post has strict rules not to disclose tracking numbers.

How to confirm if my mail is delivered?

Use our tracking tool, enter the Canada Post tracking number. It will show the delivery status.

What is a delivery notice card?

A card is provided when the delivery is attempted at a destination. You can find it at your door, in your community mailbox, apartment mailroom, or group mailbox.

Still waiting to receive a delivery notice card, although shipment delivery was attempted?

Check the community mailbox, apartment mailroom, or group mailbox for a delivery notice card if it isn’t left at your door. Otherwise, the delivery notice card will be delivered with your parcel on the next working day.

How to get a Canada Post tracking number from USPS?

Visit the USPS website to understand more about Canada Post tracking USPS shipments. The USPS website provides the tracking number to track the item that left Canada. 

What is meant by expected delivery date or expected delivery date?

How do you track packages sent to the USA from Canada Post?

The shipments sent to the USA via Canada Post and received by USPS can be tracked by entering the reference number into our tracking tool. The delivery status would appear. 

Does Canada post deliver packages on time?

Normally Canada post is efficient in delivering the packages. However, the issues like road blockages or weather are a hindrance in the way. Such situations can delay delivery.

The Canada Post tracking says delivered, but the parcel still needs to be received?

If the package still needs to be received, verify whether or not the address was given correctly. Otherwise, check within your property for safe drop or look for a delivery notice card. See if the signature matches with someone within your household. If you live in an apartment, look into your Community locker, mailbox, or parcel locker. Otherwise, check it with the security desk or staff within your apartment building. For business, check with the courier service; in your mailbox or at the security desk. 

What to do if my tracking status is not updating?

Delivery is scanned whenever the shipping service accepts it. Then the barcodes are tracked when it is dispatched for delivery. The packages are also tracked through qr code. It takes several days to update tracking when the parcel is in transit. So CPC (Canada Post Corporation) tracking number will become available.

Canada Post offers services to what sector?

Canada Post offers services for both individuals and the corporate sector. The offers work according to the weight and size of the package.

What national services does Canada Post offer?

There are 4 different types of services offered by the transportation company across Canada: regular parcel, expedited parcel, priority service, and xpresspost service. All these services include live tracking.

What is the process of Canada Post for signatures?

When the parcel is delivered to your doorstep, the delivery staff asks you for signatures because, for most deliveries, it is compulsory. The delivery staff will present you with an electronic device. You have to sign electronically on it. Canada Post does not provide you with the option of signing before delivery. After the COVID-19 situation, the logistics services have started leaving already signed parcels at the destinations. There are some cases where the compulsion for profits like identity, age, and custom packages is required. So for such items, the signatures are compulsory for the recipient.

Will Canada Post send a tracking number when it gets to the United States?

You can search for the id number through USPS. After the shipment has entered the USA USPS shipment service takes the parcel for transportation.

How to track a Canada Post package without a tracking number?

Look into your confirmation emails from the sender or ask the sender to provide you with the tracking number again. Otherwise, click track if you have tracked your shipment status within the last 5 days through our tracking tool. It might have kept your tracking number saved.

How can Canada Post change its address?

Opt for a mail forwarding service, pay the fee through a credit card, or visit the post office. Customers can use government-issued I.D. cards, citizenship cards, or driving licenses to change their addresses.

Can a post office track package?

No, a post office can not track a package.

Final Words:

Having access to a tracking system is a great strategy to stay up to date on the status of your parcels. Our tracking system is the most stress-free, quick, and simple tool. It provides Canada Post parcel tracking in Canada, the United States, and overseas in real-time. 

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