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Last Updated on December 18, 2023

Track Your Courier

The ANY COURIER tracking tool is highly effective for NSD tracking. You can use our tracking tool for NSD delivery tracking from anywhere in the world. This tool will show you status for your shipping, depot, delivery, package, vehicle, car, freight, carrier & container tracking.

You may ship with NSD and get quick package delivery from Home Depot and freight shipment. You only need to take a few steps to track your courier or parcels as mentioned below.

How do I track a package from NSD?

  1. The first step in NSD package tracking is to check the NSD tracking number. 
  2. In our tracking tool, enter the 11-digit tracking number. 
  3. Verify the entered tracking number.
  4. To continue, click the “TRACK” button. 
  5. The shipping status will appear on the following page.

The NSD carrier tracking service provides it once you have submitted the customer profile form. It will contain information regarding whether or not the package has been dispatched, its current location, the date and time of delivery, and the reasons for any delays are provided. The procedure is the same for tracking domestic and international shipments.

NSD tracking number format:

The NSD carrier tracking service provides a tracking id once you have submitted the customer profile form. NSD tracking number contains several combinations. The tracking number format depends upon the service you are availing of NDS couriers. It usually is 11 digits. The First 4 are alphabets, and the rest 7 are numbers. 

Below are some examples of the NSD tracking id for your better understanding.

Sample #Tracking ID

Hence, the NSD auto-tracking system is quite easy to perform with the authentic NSD tracking id.

Facts and Figures:

The recognized logistics service in the United States is NSD, which stands for non-stop delivery shipment service. It began its operations in 2000 by focusing only on home delivery. Later on, the firm expanded and became a part of HUB group. The company headquarter is in Northern Virginia, USA.

Hub Group owns the firm. This business was founded in 1971. Although Philip Yeager founded the company, his son David now runs it. The company’s main service is logistics, and it does this by owning modes of transportation and including Hub Group NSD Trucking, which facilitates the shipment of freight items.

Twenty years of experience in the transportation industry has helped NSD gain trust at national and international levels. NSD has developed 170 branches for local distribution. At the same time, the firm coordinates with partners for foreign shipping to ensure effective and secure deliveries.

NSD continues to succeed in the logistics industry with the help of talented and committed employees and updated technology. The presence of great partners also helps the company build a reputation for secure home delivery service.

The company’s success is its core principles, which include meeting the customers’ expectations and providing a valuable environment for the team members. The availability of modern technology is another important reason for the growth of NSD services.

Services provided:

You can use NSD delivery 24/7 services to benefit from their shipping experience. Along with the NSD home depot tracking, this also offers details about NSD freight tracking.

Given below are the number of delivery solutions offered by NSD:

Home delivery:

This section provides 4 services as stated:

Basic service:

Delivering the items to the dry area of the house, like the patio or garage, is done. Although the signature option is available for record-keeping, it is optional for the recipient to provide.

Threshold Service:

Items are delivered within the destination’s main entrance by the delivering staff.

Room of choice:

The delivery staff that arrives with your goods will place them in your chosen area.

White glove service:

The package is delivered to the room where you have chosen to place it. The delivery staff unpacks the product and places it in an area with no debris. The setting includes the installation, light assembly, and even product inspection. 


All services demand a cost for liftgate and residential service. Choose options 2, 3 and 4. The delivery staff will contact you half an hour before the package is delivered to your destination. These services set up a prearranged appointment window so that the team of 1 or 2 delivery workers who deliver the package can finish their work without interruption. And there are no issues for the recipient either. The delivery package could contain items like furniture, electronic appliances etc.

Middle Mile + Last Mile:

Utilizing this service would be a smart move on your part to satisfy the needs of the shifting business world. In short, this service takes care of getting your freight goods from the NSD warehouse to their destination. Along with managing all client interactions necessary for delivery, it also manages the bol documentation. This service also includes the NSD freight tracking of shipments. 

The advantages of such a service include lower costs due to transportation from a single source. The most cost-effective routes are sought. The team management system (TMS) helps in efficient corporate management. At the same time, companies exchange information via electronic data interchange (EDI).

You can also enjoy additional benefits, such as container tracking of NSD shipments on a world map. It is possible to do so by utilizing our tracking tool. Enter the NSD tracking ID on the Bill of lading (BOL).

Last Mile:

The staff is continuously monitored to deliver the products to the recipient’s door, and customer needs are evaluated. This service offers expert delivery options for your comfort.

Reverse Logistics:

You no longer need to be worried about warranty exchanges or claiming damaged goods. The reverse logistics service provides you with the greatest solution to utilize. Problems such as shipping broken goods from your location to the vendors or warranty exchange issues of the purchased items can now be resolved using this service.

NSD Tracking Warehousing + Distribution:

Offer is highly recommended for retailers and the manufacturing sector. NSD freight shipments handle the entire process of transporting items from the NSD warehouse to the consumer’s doorstep. Such services give you an advantage over competitors and help you build your reputation. Gives you the tracking of the packages along the way as well.

Partnership with Estes:

NSD has teamed up with Estes Express Line for delivery outside the US. Through this project, the less-than-truckload freight cargoes are delivered to Canada. You can learn more about NSD Estes tracking packages using our tracking tool. For Intelcom tracking in Canada we are offering the tracking tool as well. Whereas, you will also get American couriers like UDS tracking, Saia tracking or Pitt ohio tracking.

Vehicle tracking:

NSD operators have the choice of dynamic routing due to the availability of modern technologies. It further directs them to explore fleet management software that enables them to keep an eye on the driver’s actions and location and even learn about the state of the roads.

The manager who oversees the courier vehicles uses fleet management software. The hardware part of this device is mostly GPS put in the vehicles. The manager receives the data from the GPS. As a result, NSD vehicle tracking is carried out, and you can get details about tracking NSD cars.

nsd tracking Amazon delivery:

NSD couriers help in the delivery of the packages purchased on Amazon. Our tracking tool is the ideal choice for NSD Amazon tracking because it provides quick and accurate information about your package delivery time.

Branches & Terminal locations:

Since NSD shipping values its clients’ time, they have 170 terminals that deliver to all zip codes in the United States. They also have distribution services outside of the United States. The cross dock locations and terminal locations are listed below:-

NSD Tracking Cross Dock locations:

  1. Harrisburg, Pennsylvania (PA)
  2. Savannah, Georgia (GA)
  3. Atlanta, Georgia (GA)
  4. Cleveland, Ohio (OH)
  5. Chicago, Illinois (IL)
  6. Memphis, Tennessee (TN)
  7. Dallas, Texas (TX)
  8. Rancho Cucamonga, California (CA)
  9. San Francisco, California (CA)
  10. Seattle, (WA)

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NSD Tracking Terminal locations:

StateMaine (ME)

  • Manchester
  • Portland

State: Vermont (VT)


StateMassachusetts (MA)

  • Sagamore
  • Pittsfield 
  • Boston

State: Rhode Island (RI)


State: Connecticut (CT)


State: New York (NY)

  • Albany
  • Poughkeepsie
  • New York
  • Syracuse 
  • Rochester 
  • Buffalo 

State: Pennsylvania (PA)

  • Wilkes Barre 
  • Olyphant
  • Erie 
  • Pittsburgh 
  • Robesonia
  • Sharon hill 
  • Philadelphia 

State: New Jersey (NJ)


State: Delaware (DE)

New Castle 

State: Maryland (MD)


State: Virginia (VA)

  • Virginia Beach 
  • Richmond 
  • Lynchburg 

State: North Carolina (NC)

  • Fayetteville 
  • Durham 
  • Charlotte 
  • Newton 
  • Asheville 

State: South Carolina (SC)

  • Loris 
  • Greenville 

State: Ohio (OH)

  • Canton 
  • Columbus 
  • South Point 
  • Cincinnati
  • Toledo 

State: Kentucky (KY)

  • Lexington 
  • Owensboro 

State: Tennessee (TN)

  • Blountville
  • Knoxville 
  • Nashville 
  • Chattanooga 

State: Indiana (IN)

  • Indianapolis 
  • Fort Wayne 

State: Michigan (MI)

  • Detroit 
  • Flint
  • Grand Rapids 
  • Traverse City 
  • Gwinn

State: Alabama (AL)

  • Birmingham 
  • Mobile 

State: Florida (FL)

  • Tallahassee 
  • Jacksonville 
  • Orlando 
  • Tampa 
  • Fort Myers 
  • Miami 
  • Pensacola 

State: Wisconsin (WI)

Green Bay 


State: Illinois (IL)

  • South Holland 
  • Springfield 

State: Missouri (MO)

Saint Louis 

State: Mississippi (MS)


State: Louisiana (LA)

  • New Orleans 
  • Lafayette 
  • Leesville 
  • Shreveport 

State: Arkansas (AR) 

  • Texarkana 
  • Little Rock 
  • Springfield 

State: Kansas (KS)

  • Kansas City 
  • Wichita 
  • Scott City 

State: Iowa (IA)

  • Des Moines 
  • Iowa City 

State: Minnesota (MN) 

  • Duluth 
  • Minneapolis 

State: Texas (TX)

  • Houston 
  • Austin 
  • San Antonio 
  • Tyler 
  • Corpus Christi 
  • McAllen 
  • Midland 
  • Lubbock 
  • El Paso 

State: Oklahoma (OK)

  • Tulsa 
  • Oklahoma City 

State: Nebraska (NE)

  • Lincoln 
  • Omaha 

State: South Dakota

Sioux Falls 

State: North Dakota 

  • Grand Forks 
  • Fargo 

State: New Mexico (NM)


State: Colorado (CO)

  • Durango 
  • Grand Junction 
  • Denver 

State: Wyoming (WY)


State: Montana (MT)

  • Billings 
  • Butte

State: Hawaii (HI)


State: Arizona (AZ)

  • Tucson 
  • Phoenix 
  • Flagstaff 

State: Utah(UT)

  • Washington 
  • Salt Lake City 

State: Nevada (NV)

  • Las Vegas 
  • Reno 

State: Idaho (ID)

  • Boise 
  • Idaho Falls 

State: Washington (WA)

  • Spokane 
  • Wenatchee 
  • Pasco 

State: California (CA)

  • Fresno 
  • Bakersfield 
  • Los Angeles 
  • San Diego 
  • Sacramento 
  • Union City 
  • Redding 

State: Oregon (OR)

  • Eugene 
  • Portland 

State: Alaska (AK)

  • Fairbanks 
  • Anchorage 
  • Juneau 

Visit the NSD website, as stated, to learn more about the locations of NSD terminals.

NON STOP DELIVERY Customer Service

To avail customer care service of NSD couriers. Following are the contact details and other ways to satisfy your queries.

Contact number: 1-833-744-7673

Email address: [email protected]

Head office: 4500 Southgate Place Suite 300 Chantilly, VA 20151

The customer’s representative has specific times when you can contact them. The customer care hours are mentioned below:

DaysTimings (ET)
Mon – Fri7:30am – 9:30pm
Saturday & Sunday9:30am -6:30pm

Furthermore any customer who has availed their services can file a NSD complaint if the delivered goods are damaged or misplaced. It is done by completing a form and contacting the customer services on the above mentioned details.

Awards & Achievements of NSD NON STOP DELIVERY

The NSD courier service has won several awards as a result of being recognized for its operational expertise, strategic management, and efficient customer service.

  • NSD was awarded a Home Depot Home delivery partner of the year 2016.
  • It was again an honor for the NSD HUB group to receive the Home Depot Online Big and Bulky Home delivery carrier of the year 2019 award.
  • In appreciation of NSD carrier’s 18 years of excellent and solution-focused services for 2018 and 2020, Supply Chain Brain included their name among the 100 Great Supply Chain Partners.


Normal schedule:

The NSD shipments normally arrive between 8 am and 6 pm, Monday through Saturday. 

Holiday schedule:

Holidays are observed on Easter Sunday, New Year’s Day, Christmas Day, and Thanksgiving Day. On holidays like Labor Day, Memorial Day, and Independence Day, delivery services are unavailable in some areas.

NSD Tracking reviews:

NSD has received majorly negative reviews though there are some positive outcomes. 

An NSD consumer stated that the company’s shipping service was the worst they had ever experienced. The client had purchased certain items from Home Depot. Those things were to be shipped via the NSD delivery tracking service. The order was incomplete when it arrived. The delivery service had lost some of customers items along the away. To situation became worse because of the company’s terrible customer service. Even after several calls of complaints from the customer, the firm did not respond positively.

Similarly, another customer suggested that the company must improve their delivery services. The client had ordered a bed from Amazon, and the NSD courier service was to deliver it. However, the consumer received the product in perfect condition. Despite the fact there had been no communication. The customer called and sent multiple emails to customer service, but they still await a response. The delivery man’s good behavior was a positive outcome in the situation. Overall, the client stated that no one should use this service.

In addition, the next review begins with a bad comment, but in the end, it has a positive outcome.

A customer had ordered some shipments to be delivered by the NSD logistics. Unfortunately, those items were not delivered on time, and the customer care service did not give response to phone calls. Neither the NSD tracking nor the GPS tracking worked. When the terminal address was not provided, the client considered taking matters into his own hands. Nonetheless, the client posted the review on a website. The customer received a response within minutes of contacting the company via its customer service email. Finally, the client thanked the service for the update.

The company like other companies such as uspack logistics tracking has received several awards for its customer-focused service. However, the service provided to the customer could be more reliable.

nsd tracking Frequently asked questions:

Are Amazon packages shipped through NSD courier delivery?

Yes, the orders placed at Amazon are delivered domestically and internationally to Canada via NSD shipment.

Why is NSD tracking not working?

Secure your internet connection and look for any problems with your device. An incorrect tracking number may cause the tracking tool to malfunction. Avoid unnecessary spaces or special characters while entering your tracking number.

What is NSD return tracking?

Reverse Logistics’ NSD carriers can help you return your products in exchange for a warranty or claim damaged products. Along the way, it provides you with a detailed tracking record of your parcel

Does NSD deliver on Sunday?

Call customer support for further details if the delivery is outside of the regular delivery schedule, which is Monday through Saturday.

Does NSD offer the option to change the address before delivery?

Yes, a change can be made to the delivery route, which is already mentioned. However, you need to contact a customer care representative to get further details to continue the process.

What is the estimated date to receive the packages?

The delivery date is controlled by location, shipping method, and distance. Weather conditions are most likely to be the cause of the delays. To learn more about the shipment once it has been dispatched. Use our tracking tool and get updates about the status of your package.

What products does NSD deliver?

Any big, heavy, or needing special handling freight items, such as sofas, furniture, electronics, etc. are delivered by NSD.

My package with NSD nonstop delivery is late, what should i do?

If your NSD Nonstop Delivery package is late, keep an eye on the tracking updates. Delays can happen due to reasons beyond the courier’s control. For significant delays or concerns, contact NSD’s customer support for assistance and further information about your shipment.

Where do i get the tracking number of my NSD nonstop delivery shipment?

Your NSD tracking number is usually given by the sender at the time of dispatch, often found on the shipping invoice or receipt. If you haven’t received it, contact the sender for this information. With the tracking number, you can monitor your shipment’s progress via NSD’s website or app.


It doesn’t matter whatever services you have used from NSD you can track all of them here. Whether it is package shipping, depot, delivery, vehicle, car, freight, carrier or container tracking. NSD cargo is regularly being sent both domestically and internationally. Our tracking tool is useful for e all types of NON STOP DELIVERY NSD shipments.