UDS Tracking – United Delivery Service Package Trace

Last Updated on January 2, 2024

Track Your Courier

UDS tracking is an effective method to track and trace the shipments sent via United Delivery courier service. It is a cost-effective, efficient and reliable way to track those important parcels from the time of dispatch to the time of delivery.

UDS – United Delivery Service Package Tracking

The process of online tracking is simple. You must enter the United Delivery Service Tracking number in the tracking form. The tracking form will display the current status of the shipment.

How to track a UDS package?

  1. Enter United Delivery Service Tracking number, Barcode, Delivery Notice, or Order Reference Number:
  2. Click On Track
  3. You will be able to see the real-time status of your package.

What is UDS tracking? 

UDS stands for United Delivery Service. UDS tracking is finding out the whereabouts of your parcel sent through the united delivery service.

The system is designed to provide accurate information about the current location of a shipment. It is a web-based application that allows users to monitor the live status of your shipment.

UDS tracking status meanings

You might be tracking your parcel online and get below mentioned status against your tracking number for uds delivery. Lets find out what do they mean?

Notification of shipmentA label has been created for your package, but it has not yet arrived at a UDS facility.
Received UDS has received your package.
Out for Delivery It is on its way to you from the warehouse.
Delayed There has been a delay in shipping your package.
Will-Call There is a UDS facility near you where you can pick up your parcel.
Returned The shipping merchant has returned your order.
Delivered We have successfully delivered your order.

History of UDS

Let us have a look on the history of UDS. UDS describes itself as Chicago’s Leading Midwest Regional Carrier. It has been operating for 50 years. UDS has earned a reputation in the United States of America for its competitive rates, next-day delivery, satisfying customer services, and proprietary technology just like Intelcom did in Canada. UDS is a member of the CLDA Customized Logistics Delivery Association and the ECA Express Carriers Association. They claim to be the

First choice of the last mile delivery

President Of United Delivery Service UDS

John Castaldo is the president of United Delivery service. The Vice President of Sales is David Meyers.

UDS Business Development Specialist

The BDS Business Development specialists are Angela Parisi, Linda Vuong & Karlie Malizzio. Everyone is dedicated, hardworking, and passionate about what they do.


Under any deadline, UDS’s couriers and drivers can deliver packages of any size or weight. Daily, they deliver 150k packages in the United States.

  1. Same-day
  2. Next-day
  3. Freight delivery
  4. Routed Delivery, Delivered Duty Unpaid
  5. Overnight

UDS Contact details Customer Services

You can contact UDS with the below mentioned details.


1 S 376 Summit Ave #1F Oakbrook Terrace, IL 60181

Phone Number



[email protected]


There are 15 United Delivery Service locations in the United States which are :-

  1. Bloomington
  2. Green Bay
  3. Schiller Park
  4. Oakbrook
  5. Machesney Park
  6. Madison
  7. Milwaukee
  8. Peru
  9. Indianapolis
  10. Griffith
  11. Fort Wayne
  12. Aurora
  13. Waukegan
  14. Lombard
  15. Chicago

What is a UDS tracking number?

UDS tracking numbers help identify and track products from the sender to the receiver. It is used for tracking yours shipment. This unique tracking number is generated automatically when any shipment is booked.

United Delivery Service Tracking number

The tracking code is used to identify your package and track its progress from when it leaves your warehouse until it reaches the recipent.

There are many reasons why tracking numbers are essential. One of the main reasons is that they help you find your packages at any given time. You can even use this information to find out why a package was lost or undelivered till now. Besides, you can also use tracking numbers to ensure that the correct package reaches the right recipient. Obviously this all can be done through a unique UDS tracking number.

United Delivery Service login

Upon registering with UDS, you will receive login details. To use UDS services, you will need to provide these details. You can view all updates online by logging in with your UDS credentials.

UDS tracking reviews

A variety of reviews have been written about United Delivery Service. Some people speak highly of UDS, but no business is perfect, so UDS also has complaints.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ’s

What is fashion nova UDS tracking?

Fashion Nova is an online clothing brand based in southern California. They have five retail stores. Fashion Nova makes clothes for men, women, and children. UDS allows you to track orders from fashion nova.

UDS tracking number is not working?

Check your UDS tracking number if it is not working. Check the number you are entering against the receipt number. It’s probably not the correct number you’re entering if it doesn’t work. To obtain a valid number, you must contact the sender.

How is United Delivery Service rated?

United’s delivery service has mixed reviews. UDS is rated average overall.

How long does it take UDS to deliver?

Your consignment will be shipped and delivered by UDS within 2 – 10 working days, depending on your chosen services.

Is UDS a real company?

There is no doubt that UDS is a genuine and reliable courier company based in the United States of America. 

How can I track the exact location of a package?

If you want to track your package’s location, you can use ANYCOURIERTRACKING.COM’s tracking tool. The steps are listed above. 

Are UDS and ups the same?

UPS and UDS are two different companies. UPS stands for United Parcel Service, which was founded in 1907. UDS stands for United Delivery Service. UPS is also known as the American Messenger Company

Why is UDS important?

UDS is a vital courier company for parcels that other courier companies have refused. UDS can assist you in such situations.

What does carrier delay mean UDS?

Your order will be shipped to a nearby or local “warehouse.” If this warehouse is in another country, it will take longer to arrive. The longer the distance, the more carriers will handle your package. But if the shipment reaches your country safely, it will be shipped there.

What does awaiting carrier Pickup mean UDS?

Awaiting carrier pickup status from UDS means that the UDS team hasn’t yet picked up the item you want to send via UDS.

Does UDS deliver to Wisconsin?

UDS provides a delivery service to Wisconsin.

What days is United Delivery Service open?

United delivery service is open throughout the week. 


In conclusion, UDS Tracking is a good solution for companies and individual customers trying to track and trace the goods they have sent to their customers. It is a very effective way to monitor the movement of goods and to ensure that the goods reach their destination at the right time. ANYCOURIERTRACKING has offered free courier tracking since the beginning. Feel free to comment below your views about UDS.