How Courier Tracking Systems Work

Last Updated on September 9, 2023

Entrepreneurs and business owners often struggle with managing their time. As a result, they don’t have enough time to do everything they need to. It is especially true when it comes to managing your business’s finances. This article will explain how courier tracking system works and how can you use it to improve the efficiency and profitability of your business.

The courier tracking system is a software program that allows you to track your packages. It is a valuable tool for entrepreneurs who are always on the move. The tracking system for couriers allows you to keep an eye on your packages at all times. It can also tell you when your packages have been delivered and will help you to keep your customers happy. Moreover, it will assist you in receiving the packages you have ordered.

 How Courier Tracking System Works & Their Importance

 How Shipment Tracking Systems Work & Their Importance

Delivery people scan a bar code as they deliver a package as part of the package tracking process. The system records the time and date when the package is delivered.

Using the tracking system, you can also see where a package is at any given time. You can do this by logging in to the tracking website and can plan your next move. For instance, if you want ST Courier Tracking, you can check the status here.

The Power Of Courier Tracking Systems

 Assume you started a business online or offline. You worked hard, earned a reputation, and continue to work hard. After all this hard work, you send your customer the package, which gets lost. Or you sent the package, but the customer hasn’t received it. Maybe he needed it quickly. But your package hasn’t arrived? Maybe the weekend is looming, and there are no alternatives? What will you do about your customer? 

The Power Of Package Tracking Systems

As we all know, customers may get frustrated and even cancel their orders which can be detrimental to your business. What better solution could there be than an online tracking system? For example, you would open your data or sheet, check the customer reference number or name, and then locate the tracking number. Your courier generated this number when you booked the order. As a result, you can now use that number to track your parcel. 

Therefore, enter your tracking number, and you’ll be able to see the real-time status of your shipment within seconds. The item won’t appear as “delivered” or in “transit” if it is lost. As soon as you find out where your parcel is, you will handle your customer appropriately.

Isn’t it interesting, guys? 

 Working of Courier Tracking Systems To Increase Your Business’s Profitability

How To Use Package Tracking Systems To Increase Your Business's Profitability

We’ve described above how powerful courier tracking system working can be. You can now use and integrate it into your business plan. When your packages were being sent earlier, you had no idea their whereabouts for days. Contacting your customers was necessary to confirm the delivery. The tracking system you have incorporated into your system will allow you to do a lot more. Here are a few pointers. 

  1. Cross-selling products can be added to the tracking status. You could add a cricket glove to the tracking section if you sold a cricket bat. In this way, a customer can see the product whenever they track an order. By increasing product visibility, you will increase the likelihood that customers will make a second purchase from you.
  2. A customer review can be added in image form, or perhaps you can embed a video on the tracking status page. These customer testimonials will increase your customer’s confidence, and they will become a lifetime customer. Public relations videos from influencers are also useful.
  3. On the tracking system page, you can add a catalogue. This catalogue will include some of the hottest products. If your customer remembers those, they may make a purchase next time. Furthermore, relationship building is an imperative factor for your business. Customers may have many questions about the catalogue you displayed on the tracking page, and they may reach out to you and ask about those products.
  4. On the tracking page, you can add a discount code. This means that the customer tracking the package will get a discount on their next purchase. Therefore, this simple thing can result in increased sales & customer segment.

Understanding How Courier Tracking Systems Function

Let me explain how it works. I couldn’t figure out exactly how it worked, but it took me a while to understand. 

When vendors book a package for a customer, they must supply customer credentials, which include 

  • Name
  • Address
  • City 
  • Reference Number
  • Mobile Number
  • Notes 
  • Comments 
  • Price/Insurance 
  • Landline Number
  • Area
  • Pickup address
  • Return Address
  • Origin city
  • Service type
  • Pieces
  • Weight
  • Description

For instance, watch this picture below from Call Courier Tracking .

courier tracking booking requirements
courier tracking booking form

Once you have completed these requirements, you will receive a Consignment Number / Awb Number / Tracking Number. You save this number with the customer credentials in your datasheet. It now resides in the database of the courier company. Any person from any corner of the world could check the status of a parcel by entering the tracking number into a tracking tool such as Intelcom tracking

Once the parcel has reached the local courier office and is booked, it will be scanned. Vendors must paste their receipts on the flyers, containing the tracking number and some basic information like Name, Address, Contact Number, Order, COD Amount, and Remarks. When scanned, that slip updates the data on the parcel’s arrival at the local hub of the courier company. The database will be updated accordingly. 

Once the parcel has reached the local courier office and is booked, it will be scanned. Thats how courier tracking system works.

Once the parcel leaves the hub for the target city, it will be scanned again, and the status will be updated, e.g. “In transit“. After it reaches the target city, the consignments will be offloaded, and the local courier office will scan them again. During this point, data will be updated again, and the status will be displayed as “Reached the destination office “. 

When the office forwards the parcel to the delivery guy, he will scan it and update the data with “Out for Delivery“. Madhur courier tracking also follows the same process for their deliveries.

A courier guy now takes a photograph of the location as proof of the delivery when he delivers the parcel to the customer and takes a signature from the customer. This is called a pod image. The tracking status will be updated to “Delivered (Received by ABC ) “. 

This process makes tracking shipments very helpful and essential.  

Courier Tracking System Working For Boosting Your Business 

It's Time to Boost Your Business by using courier tracking system.

The Take Away

This article aims to help you understand how courier tracking system works. Feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions or concerns.