How To Track Order With Order Number

Last Updated on July 12, 2023

If you want to grow your business, you have to know where your products are in the process. You should know how to track order with order number and see exactly how your products are doing. You also need to be able to track your customer’s order history. This process can be tricky, especially if you don’t have a big team to help you out. Luckily, there is a solution for you.

In this post, we provide you with a detailed guide on how to track orders using order numbers. The order number helps you to track your order. It ensures there is no mistake about where a particular order goes and ensures that orders are processed correctly.

Track Your Orders Using Order Numbers

Tracking orders can be very challenging, especially for big companies, but here is how you can easily track orders with Order numbers and easily sort your customers based on their order numbers.

What is the order number?

The order number is the unique identifier assigned to your customer’s order and should only be one per customer. Whenever a customer makes a purchase, the order number must be checked against the previously generated unique ID. The order number is also used to

  • Track a particular shipment
  • Avoid sending multiple shipments to the same customer
  • Report any problems to the courier
  • Customers can request this order number from you if they need to track their order or know where it is.
  • Assures the customer that their order has been acknowledged and is in process

Other applications, such as emails and customer notifications, can use the order number to keep track of orders.

Don’t forget to write down the order number. Be sure not to lose anything that you have written down. You can include the order number in an email you send to your customer notifying them that their order has been placed so that they can track the order.

How do I find my tracking number on my order?

As soon as you place an order with a seller or vendor, you’ll get an acknowledgment. It might come in the form of an Email, SMS, or even a phone call. Keep that number handy. You can use it later to find out more information.

What is the order ID?

The Order ID is a unique identifier assigned to each order created on an eCommerce website. The identifier is used to track the order’s progress from the point of purchase to the point of delivery throughout its lifecycle. The order ID consists of three pieces of information: the SKU (Stock Keeping Unit), the date, and the quantity.

After an order is placed on the eCommerce website, a unique order ID is generated to track the order from when it was placed to when it was fulfilled. The order ID consists of three pieces of information:

  1. SKU (Stock Keeping Unit).
  2. Order date.
  3. Order quantity.

A customer can place the order with specific SKUs in a cart and then change their mind and cancel the order. When the order is canceled, the order ID is automatically removed. But if the customer places a new order, the old order ID is reused for the new order.

It is important to note that some customers want to place orders with different SKUs, and they cannot reuse the order ID. In that case, the eCommerce website needs to generate a new one. There are two ways that this can happen:

  1. If the SKU has been reserved for the customer, the customer can only place the order after the SKU is free.
  2. The customer can place the order with a new SKU.

The first scenario means that the customer’s order is placed immediately after the SKU becomes available. The second scenario means that the customer’s order is placed after the new SKU is reserved for the customer.

The order ID has a special purpose. The eCommerce system uses it to track orders. By using the order ID, you can find out what the order’s status is. If you want to change the status of an order, you can use the order ID to set the order’s new status.

Who can access the order number?

The vendors have access to the order number in general. Providing the customer’s order number gives them access to this information. You can inform your customer about the order number in several different ways. Here are some examples:

  • Email
  • SMS
  • Phone Call


When using Email to provide customer access to order numbers, you can add their order numbers to the acknowledgment email your store sends to customers after they place an order. This method is simple but effective. ANY COURIER TRACKING recommends following it.

Shopify & WooCommerce offer this service. It only takes a few basic steps, such as adding your email address to the recipient’s address ( your own ). Additional options are also available.

Woo Commerce:-

It is a fairly simple process if you use Woo-commerce for your website. Open up your browser and follow below mentioned easy steps.

  1. Access your admin panel. Since you are using WordPress CMS, you can access the admin panel by entering the URL in the following format:
order number insertion in woo commerce

2. Click on WooCommerce on the left-hand panel.

step 2 is to go on settings

3. At the top, select Email. Click on Manage next to New Order.

step 3 is clicking on Manage on the right hand side

4. You can add any text in the “Additional Content.” section. The following area is where you can enter your customer’s order ID/number.

In the additional content you have a space where you can add order tracking number.

Once the customer successfully places an order, Shopify includes the customer’s order number in an email. Similar to Woo-Commerce, this Email is automatically generated. Follow the steps below to see it.

Launch your browser. I prefer Google Chrome.

Enter your store’s URL in this format:

for adding order number in shopify for customer open shopify.

Click On settings

click on settings.

The “Check Out” option is located on the left. Select it. Ensure that the “Customer Contact Method” is set to “Phone number or email.”

click on checkout

Click on “Notifications” in the left panel. Then click “Customize.”

go on notifications and click customize

Here is the Order number that your customer sees.

Here is the place where your order number is shown.


Some sellers offer SMS services if you provide them with your cell number. You will receive an SMS after you place your order. It should contain the tracking number/id or even the tracking link that you can use to track your order.


Some sellers may call you and assist you in getting the order number noted. Such sellers are rare, but they do exist.

How do you track an order?

Can You Track A Package Through The Order Number? If you have this question in mind then follow the below simple 4 steps

How do you track orders without an order ID?

Tracking an order without an order ID can be a challenge. Unfortunately, there is no way to track orders without an order ID other than checking the details manually. You ordered something, and the vendor shipped it to you via ST courier. ST Courier tracking is not possible if you misplace your order number.

You can resolve this issue by contacting the sender and providing the necessary tracking information. The information may include Name, Address, Order, Quantity, etc. It depends on the sender now if they are willing to cooperate and support you. Ethics dictate that they should!

What are some alternatives to the order number?

Some couriers offer tracking by reference number. Your vendor will provide this number while booking your order. For example, in Call Courier Tracking, you can hover over Tracking by Reference number. However, this option is only available to the vendor or courier account holder. Customers cannot see this option.

Is the Order number the same as tracking?

The order number is the unique number provided by the vendor or seller to the order you placed. This number can be different from the tracking number. It depends on the seller or vendor what strategy they follow to cater to their store. The order number is not the same as the tracking. Furthermore some courier companies use different names for the parcel identifications. For instance Intelcom tracking in Canada use the term “Tracking Number” where as PostNet tracking & United delivery service tracking use the term Waybill numbers as their consignment number.

Final Words

I hope you find this article useful. It should have provided you with enough information. Feel free to ask any questions in the comments section.

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