ST Courier Complaint

Last Updated on August 12, 2023

ST Courier has been one of the staunchest and sturdiest courier companies that people have come across in recent times to deliver shipments within the best possible timeframes, even with a congested city like Bangalore. However, there are bound to be instances where an individual may feel dissatisfied by the services provided by St Couriers and would want some redressal for their grievances by opting st courier complaint.

This article is primarily aimed at helping such individuals understand how they can go about this process. We have included easy steps one can take so as not to prolong it unduly or cause further complications later on, either during the procedure itself or after its completion, when other legal issues could crop up. You must check your st courier tracking status before proceeding further.


Suppose you have any concerns about their service. In that case, there are several ways to let them know: For instance, one can either email ST Courier or call the customer support team. Write all your complaints in detail with proof attached, such as emails from when they tried contacting us before taking legal actions (which might involve hiring an attorney).

Frequent Reasons for Dissatisfaction: 

  • Wrong Delivery of Packages and Parcels leads to a hike in the return rate of shipments. Consequently, the team must go through a lot of initial documentation work after receiving their packages or parcels, which may waste time and further stall the parcel delivery process.
  • Delay in Dispatching/Receiving shipments by any courier company can be very frustrating, primarily when this frequently occurs within a particular timeframe. The individual will then have no other option apart from filing an official complaint with the concerned authority to take immediate action against such practices before things get out of hand. Some complaints about st couriers are related to late deliveries, damaged items, etc.
  • Wrong information of the consignment provided by st couriers. This act can lead to future transactions, if any, with st courier’s clientele or even with other government agencies that deal on similar subjects and need accurate data for further processing
  • Late deliveries are another frequent reason for dissatisfaction among clients who have availed st courier services. People often pay high charges to get their shipments delivered within a specific time frame. Still, when this does not adhere to, it would naturally result in severe inconveniences caused either at the sender’s end (if they were expecting someone) or at the recipient’s end (if some critical work was pending). So, immediate action needs to be taken against st courier service providers responsible for the delay so that they do not repeat their mistakes and other st couriers service users are satisfied with st courier services.
  • Delivery of parcel/shipment to incorrect addresses or people is yet another reason for dissatisfaction amongst courier’s customers. If this happens repeatedly, it could also lead to legal complications down the line if such a mistake was made while delivering something that had a significant bearing on specific clauses in a contract or agreement between two parties involved.

Essential Points to Consider before raising a complaint

 Every st courier company has its grievance redressal mechanism depending on how many complaints have been raised against them by clients over specific periods and whether these were successfully resolved within the stipulated timeframe or not.

Customer Care

So, even before filing an official complaint, you must first try and resolve the issue with st courier customer care or another related executive.


You can also use st courier’s online emailing facility to send your message directly. Suppose any is needed in a particular case. In that case, you can ask for an explanation, but this would mostly be reserved for issues where minor problems frequently occur while deliveries are being made.

In Case of No Response

Suppose there has been no response from st couriers within 48 hours of filing such complaints. In that case, it could be taken up further at higher levels, after which legal action may have to be initiated against st couriers service providers responsible for causing inconveniences among customers leading to dissatisfaction with st courier services provided. In case of intelcom tracking their team response rate is very efficient.

Note Down the Date & Time

For best results, record the date and time when you called them and the name of the st courier representative who dealt with you. If you’re filing a complaint or concern with one person on behalf of yourself and others in attendance (e.g., spouses), make sure they know their names so that all their contributions can be accounted for later if needed!

Note the minute Details.

If possible, try not to forget any minute details like this when dealing directly with someone at another company; significantly since these records could help prove how hard-worked we were during our efforts toward resolving things amicably without causing inconvenience. 


If possible, make a video recording or take pictures while calling them up or emailing what happened with ST courier services. These are fantastic pieces of evidence that could back up your claims against them quickly when needed. This suggestion also applies for other Indian couriers like for madhur courier tracking.

Personal Information

 Under no circumstances give out personal information like passwords, bank account numbers, etc., over phone calls unless 100% sure it is from their end trying to solve. These complaints are mainly on late delivery of products and poor customer service. There have also been reports of lost packages and missing items, and damaged goods delivered to customers.

How you can raise your complaint – Step by Step Process

 Every year, thousands of people complain against couriers services for not providing good quality or timely deliveries – Many times, when we receive our parcels, they appear smashed up because there was no proper protection around them during transit. 

Contact ST Courier on Phone

The first place where you can log your complaint is via calling their toll free number 04461266666

Contact ST Courier on Website

You can also complain against ST courier by filling a simple online form on their website – If they don not resolve your complaint within 30 days, you need to escalate it and make sure that the management of ST Courier takes notice of this.

Keep the Ticket Open Unless it’s Solved

Once they have received your letter with all details about what happened, along with any proof, they will review it from top to bottom. They may contact you for more information or reply that your case has been closed because they could not find any problem. However, you must not acknowledge it and convey to them not to close the ticket raised until you are satisfied. 

Legal Actions

 In some cases where customers are upset about how bad things went down, they take them up in court, but most people don’t want to do so because the legal process is lengthy and costly. It is not worth it to spend money and time on a company that does not value you as a customer. 

Complaint against an ST Courier Individual

 If your complaint is against an ST Courier branch or delivery person, then there are chances that they will take action, but in the case of large chains like these, the only way to get results is by filing complaints with consumer courts. You can do this online, too, where everything is simple for customers who do not want any hassle when trying to file their papers through registered couriers’ websites. 

Raising Voice on Online forums

 Have also become very helpful when people share details about courier companies, so make sure you check this out before making up your mind. Once you submit your letter, make sure it has all components and copies of relevant documents and invoices. 

Monetary Issues

If your issues are monetary, you should also include details about how much money you have lost and what your time is worth in all this. The more detailed the information you provide them with, the better their response to your issues. This information will help them understand exactly where they went wrong and how they can avoid it again in the future. Most importantly, ensure that whatever action you are planning does not negatively affect or impact other customers, as this could cause a significant problem for everyone involved. 

If there are no results from complaints against couriers, then go ahead and take legal actions but before doing so, get all of your facts straight first because filing cases like these take up a lot of time and energy. 

What happens after filing an st courier complaint? 

After the st courier complaint has been registered officially, the concerned authorities at st courier head office would launch an investigation. They will look at all aspects of the issue and try resolving it by taking corrective actions against st couriers service providers if found guilty in any way. In addition to this, they would generally send people over for on-field investigations. They may also summon st courier company’s executives or staff members responsible for dealing with customer issues to record their statements before further legal action is taken up.

The outcome could either lead to complete reimbursement of money charged along with compensation depending on how much inconvenience was caused among customers leading to dissatisfaction due to st courier services provided

ST Cargo Contact Information

Helpline : +966 13 8310033

Email : [email protected]

Final Words

If you are unhappy with the service that St Couriers has provided, then it is important to file a complaint. It may seem like an intimidating process at first but by following this guide, you can get all of your grievances addressed without any hassle!

Always remember that filing cases against courier companies will only work if you have concrete proof of your claims. In addition to this, you should attach all prooves with the complaint letter for Officials to see clearly what happened and how can they avoid it in future deliveries.