What is AWB Number in ST Courier ?

Last Updated on August 12, 2023

The AWB Number is an 11 Digit unique identifier for each shipment of goods shipped by St Courier in India. Each shipment is assigned a unique AWB Number, for instance, The AWB Number in St Courier. 

An Airway Bill (AWB) is the document that accompanies a shipment of goods when they are shipped by air. This service provides detailed information about the shipment and allows the recipient to track and trace it. In addition to the consignment receipt, the shipment label also contains the AWB Number. When the shipment arrives at its destination, the AWB Number allows you to track it.

ST Couriers aWB Number Format

AWB Number in ST Courier Format

Stuck up in the thoughts of what really is AWB Number in ST Courier

Every courier company has their formats. For instance for intelcom tracking you might get a separate awb number than madhur courier tracking awb.

Let us show you an example of an AWB No. 

For instance, you have got a AWB # 63346811006. Now it’s an 11 Digit Number rite. 

11 Digit Airway Bill Number


What are the benefits of using the AWB Number?

benefits of using st courier awb number

You can use the AWB number to track a shipment’s progress. This number is used to identify the location of a shipment in the delivery process. The AWB number helps determine whether a shipment has been delivered to its destination. It also helps to keep track of a shipment’s location and the consignee’s location. If you face any kind of issues you can reach the couriers head office or customer care .

How can I check my ST Courier AWB number?

You can check your st courier awb number here. It is simple, easy, and accessible. You will get the tracking status of your st courier tracking AWB number in seconds. Just make sure the AWB number you are using is correct and valid. Many courier companies use the terminology “CN” which means consignment number. For them we have to use the CN number for tracking the parcel.

Is the consignment number and AWB number the same?

The consignment number is the number provided by the courier company to the customer. This number indicates that a specific shipment has been booked against a unique number. One can track, trace or investigate the whereabouts of that particular parcel using the consignment number.

The AWB number refers to the airway bill. Now it involves Airline Companies in it. The Airway bill is the number provided by the airline companies ( Not courier companies ) to track and trace any specific shipment. 


Now you know what an AWB is and how you can use this courier tracking blog to benefit and track your st courier AWB number. Please note that many courier companies name their consignment numbers as Waybill numbers such as PostNet Tracking or even LRNO like in VRL Tracking. If you have any questions or queries, please leave them below in the comment section.