BRT Tracking: The Complete Guide to BRT Bartolini Services

Last Updated on August 12, 2023

With the rapid surge of e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Shein, and Vinted, the essence of a swift and dependable courier service has become undeniable. Among the key players leading the courier industry in Europe, especially in Italy, is BRT. ANY COURIER TRACKING like other courier trackings offers free BRT tracking services.

Track Your Courier

BRT Tracking: Monitoring Every Step

ANY COURIER TRACKING has championed a tracking system that gives its customers real-time updates on their brt parcels. Using brt tracking number provided upon dispatch or receiving a product, individuals can trace their packages easily. Whether it’s a package from AMAZON, Shein, or any other service, you can track it in this tracking tool.

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How to Use BRT Bartolini Tracking

AnyCourierTracking provides an efficient system for tracking BRT Bartolini packages. By merely pasting your tracking number into the dedicated field, it acts like a universal “find my package” tool, offering traccia pacco brt real-time shipment information.

  1. Acquire your unique brt tracking number upon shipping or receiving an item.
  2. Visit the AnyCourierTracking official website.
  3. Input the tracking number into the designated search bar.
  4. Receive real-time updates on your parcel’s whereabouts.

BRT Bartolini covers many countries globally. When expecting a package, always ensure that the sender provides you with the tracking number, facilitating quick and easy tracking on platforms like AnyCourierTracking.

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BRT Tracking Number

The BRT tracking number, also known as the BRTcode, is a unique 14-digit numeric identifier given to every shipment. This code is pivotal for tracking and accessing details about your package. You can find this BRTcode in the confirmation email or SMS you receive, on the BRT shipping label, or on the notification slip left by the courier. As an entity, BRT, often associated with internazionale, is rooted deep in Italy’s courier history, renowned for its punctuality and reliability.

For BRT Tracking – Parcels Shipped Within the Past 12 Months:

  1. Use the 12-digit tracking number.
  2. Alternatively, input the BRT code or the extended 19-digit BRT tracking number.

For BRT Tracking – Parcels Shipped Within the Last 60 Days:

  1. Look up using your customer package ID.
  2. You can also use a numeric sender reference (ranging from 1-15 digits) combined with a 7-digit sender customer code.
  3. Another option is to use an alphabetical sender reference (1-15 characters in length) paired with the 7-digit sender customer code.

Please note: Essential details required for tracking will be marked in bold red. Ensure these are correctly filled to access your parcel information.

Once you’ve entered the relevant details and initiated the search, you’ll gain access to comprehensive data about your specific shipment. Remember, the unique shipment number essential for BRT Tracking is provided in the confirmation email you receive upon parcel dispatch. For a deeper dive into the range of services BRT offers, navigate to our section dedicated exclusively to this premier express courier.

BRT Tracking Bartolini’s Service Spectrum

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BRT Bartolini boasts an extensive portfolio of national and international delivery services:

Within Italy:

  • Express Service: Ensures next-day delivery without weight or piece constraints, available for pick-up the next day at one of the 180 BRT Bartolini agencies.
  • Priority Service: Guarantees delivery by 12:00 pm the following day to any of the 3000 pick-up points in Italy.
  • 10:30 am Service: Designed for deliveries by 10:30 am the subsequent day, with weight limits up to 100 kg.
  • Courier Service: Tailored for the express delivery of bulky and hefty packages. This includes premium options such as scheduled delivery and insurance coverage.
  • Letters and Documents Service: Ideal for transmitting lightweight and non-delicate items.

For Deliveries in Europe:

BRT Bartolini partners with two significant networks, Dpd Group and Euroexpress, to serve numerous European countries.

  • Dpd Group Service: Specializing in door-to-door package delivery, this service restricts one package per shipment but offers features like online delivery proof and inventory management.
  • Euroexpress Service: This network focuses on transporting multiple packages and pallets, ensuring full traceability throughout the shipment process.

International Air Service with FedEx: BRT Bartolini collaborates with FedEx to offer transportation to over 220 countries, ensuring packages, both big and small, reach global destinations.

The BRT Tracking -fermopoint Service in Italy

Unique to Italy is the Brt-fermopoint service. Recognizing the challenges faced by customers who may not be available for home deliveries, this service allows individuals to choose an alternative convenient location for their package delivery. With over 4200 fermopoint locations, including local stores and BRT Bartolini agencies, recipients can flexibly modify their delivery details.

BRT’s Geographical Reach

From Bologna to Genova, BRT’s vast network ensures every part of Italy receives exemplary service, ensuring seamless spedizione services including ritiro.

Serial NumberRegionPlaceAddressPhone Number
1AbruzzoTERMOLIVia Pertini, 66050 San Salvo (CH)0873545703
2AbruzzoL’AQUILAVia Marisa Bellisario Z.I., 67100 Monticchio (AQ)0862441621
3AbruzzoPESCARA OVESTVia Abruzzo, 65012 Cepagatti (PE)0859769411
4AbruzzoPESCARAVia Aterno, 66, 66020 S.Giovanni Teatino (CH)085440511
5AbruzzoTERAMOVia del Lavoro, 64023 Mosciano Sant’Angelo (TE)0858062350
6AbruzzoPORTO D’ASCOLIVia S. Giovanni, 64010 Isola Colonnella (TE)073565461
7BasilicataPOTENZAContrada S. Loya di Tito Scalo, 85050 Potenza (PZ)0971485674
8BasilicataMATERAContrada Iesce – Z.I., 75100 Matera (MT)0835339127
9CalabriaREGGIO CALABRIAContrada delle Ginestre Z.I. Campo Calabro, 89018 Villa San Giovanni (RC)0965372333
10CalabriaVIBO VALENTIAZona Industriale Località Aeroporto, 89900 Vibo Valentia (VV)0963265556
11CalabriaCATANZAROStrada provinciale 168/1 Km 14 +872 – Località Serramonda, 88044 Marcellinara (CZ)0961902611
12CalabriaCOSENZAVia Ermanno Stradelli, 24 (Z.I.), 87036 Rende (CS)0984839602
13CalabriaCASTROVILLARIZona Industriale Loc. Cammarata, 87012 Castrovillari (CS)098138293
14CampaniaATENA LUCANAStrada Vicinale Fiego, 84030 Atena Lucana (SA)0975511416
15CampaniaSALERNOVia Vincenzo Bellini, 29/C, 84090 Montecorvino Pugliano (SA)0828355350
16CampaniaCASTELLAMMARE DI STABIAVia Napoli, 350, 80053 Castellammare di Stabia (NA)0818018692
17CampaniaNAPOLI OVESTVia Borsellino, 158, 80025 Casandrino (NA)0813982411
18CampaniaNAPOLI CASANDRINOVia Borsellino, 160, 80025 Casandrino (NA)0813982411
19CampaniaNAPOLI CASANDRINO – SERVIZI LOGISTICIVia Borsellino, 158, 80025 Casandrino (NA)0815057908
20CampaniaNAPOLI CENTROVia Borsellino, 158, 80025 Casandrino (NA)0815054423
21CampaniaNAPOLI NOLAInterporto di Campano BL D1- n°113, 80035 Nola (NA)0815109353
22CampaniaAVELLINOZona Industriale, Asi, 83100 Santorelli (AV)0825627272
23CampaniaNAPOLI MARCIANISEVia Giovanni Agnelli, 2, 81025 Marcianise (CE)0823512711
24Emilia RomagnaCATTOLICAVia degli Ippocastani, 380, 47842 San Giovanni Marignano0541955201
24Emilia RomagnaRIMINIVia Casalecchio, 7, 47900 Rimini0541375855
26Emilia RomagnaCESENAVia Madre Teresa di Calcutta, 1, 47043 Gatteo0541804811
27Emilia RomagnaFORLI’Via Martoni, 11 int. 1, 47100 Forlì0543722235
28Emilia RomagnaFAENZAVia Nove, 11, 48018 Faenza0546646054
29Emilia RomagnaIMOLAVia Serraglio, 15, 40026 Imola0542643275
30Emilia RomagnaRAVENNAVia Canala, 91, 48100 Ravenna0544463408
31Emilia RomagnaBOLOGNA ROVERI 2Via del Conciatore, 3/5, 40138 Bologna0516032111
32Emilia RomagnaBOLOGNA ROVERI – SERVIZI LOGISTICIVia Cerodolo, 7, 40138 Bologna051531801
33Emilia RomagnaBOLOGNA ROVERIVia Cerodolo, 7, 40138 Bologna0516032111
34Emilia RomagnaCRESPELLANO – SERVIZI LOGISTICIVia Chiesaccia, 40053 Valsamoggia051739375
35Emilia RomagnaCRESPELLANOVia Chiesaccia, 40053 Valsamoggia051739328
36Emilia RomagnaBOLOGNA INTERPORTOInterporto di Bologna Blocco 1.2, 40010 Bentivoglio0516657011
37Emilia RomagnaMODENAV.le Europa, 32, 41011 Campogalliano059521511
38Emilia RomagnaREGGIO EMILIAVia De Chirico, 35 – Loc. Cella, 42100 Reggio Emilia0522944155
39Emilia RomagnaPARMA MESSAGGERIAVia Sofia, 43010 Fontevivo0521364111
40Emilia RomagnaPARMAVia Lisbona, 1 Interporto di Parma, 43010 Fontevivo0521679711
41Emilia RomagnaFERRARAVia Giovan Battista Crema, 11, 44100 Ferrara0532773628
42Emilia RomagnaPIACENZAVia J. F. Kennedy, 29012 Caorso0523590413

Connect with BRT

BRT’s commitment to open communication is evident through its comprehensive systems. Customers can obtain direct assistance by visiting or

Email: [email protected]

About BRT – Legacy of Excellence

Once known as Bartolini SpA, BRT SpA has entrenched its roots deep into the heart of the Italian transport sector. With an expansive network spanning 203 branches across the Italian peninsula, this transport behemoth stands predominantly under the watchful eyes of the DPDgroup, which holds a commanding 85% stake in the company.

The story of BRT began in the historic city of Bologna in 1928. Birthed from the vision and dedication of the Bartolini siblings, the firm initially ventured into the transportation of fruits and vegetables. These early operations ensured the fresh produce of Imola found its way into the bustling city center of Bologna. Over the subsequent decades, their ventures branched out, reaching the far corners of southern Italy. By 1994, the company pivoted towards the realm of light transportation. Thus, Bartolini blossomed as an express courier service, establishing a robust transport grid that blanketed the entirety of Italy.

The dawn of 2011 saw the brand undergo a transformation, emerging with a vibrant new identity as BRT SpA. Their fleet, adorning a bright red backdrop with a pristine white logo, became an unmistakable sight on the streets. Commanding an impressive delivery rate of over 125 million parcels annually, BRT solidified its position amongst Italy’s transportation elites.

A significant shift occurred in 2019 when the founding Italian family, still holding onto 15% of the company shares, ushered in a new era by appointing a fresh CEO at the helm.

BRT is synonymous with versatility. The company prides itself on crafting tailor-made solutions to cater to a spectrum of logistical requirements. Whether you’re an individual or a corporate entity, BRT ensures you have a dedicated point of contact to streamline all your shipping needs. Their extensive service catalog encompasses the dispatch of envelopes, critical documents, standard parcels, hefty pallets, and even cumbersome packages. With destinations ranging within Italy, across Europe, and beyond, BRT leverages its meticulously organized network, bolstered by cutting-edge technological integrations.

A notable addition to their service repertoire arrived in 2020 with the inception of the BRT-fermopoint service. This user-centric offering enables patrons to retrieve their parcels from the most conveniently located delivery hubs, enhancing the overall customer experience.

From humble beginnings in Bologna to being a transport juggernaut in Italy, BRT’s journey is a testament to relentless innovation, adaptability, and unwavering commitment to excellence. As they continue to evolve, one thing remains constant – their dedication to facilitating seamless logistical solutions for their clientele.


Does BRT offer weekend deliveries?

Is BRT active on Saturdays and Sundays? Typically, Bartolini schedules their pick-ups and deliveries between Monday and Friday. So, you can expect BRT’s standard deliveries to happen on weekdays.


BRT Bartolini stands as a testimony to what dedication to service quality can achieve. With a diverse range of tracking options and services, it remains the beacon of trust, efficiency, and reliability in the courier world, both within Italy and internationally.