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Last Updated on October 26, 2022

Intelcom is a rapidly growing e-commerce Canadian Company. Its teams and delivery network are spread across the country along with the collaboration of its business partners. This work is mainly focused on the Intelcom Customer service.

So before digging deeper into Intelcom’s customer service, this article will first give a brief overview of what customer service is, what is it important for and later, its types will be discussed. After discussing these objectives, this article will explore how Intelcom’s customer service works. 

Intelcom Canada Customer Service

intelcom customer service canada

Customer service may be defined as a direct one-on-one interaction between a customer and a company representative in which the customer purchases some product while the company sells it. Most employers consider customer service a crucial factor in customer satisfaction and business development. Now the question arises why customer service is important?

It is important because it is the core of a business that intends to provide exceptional services and makes its customer feel respected and valued. However, ensuring excellent customer service may involve extra resources, money and time like other courier companies does. For instance ST Courier Customer Care has a good reputation in India.

Yet, when you acquire it right, it helps you stand out from the other market competitors, enables you to maintain a good reputation among other future buyers and reassures current clients to buy from your enterprise again. So the retention of the present customer is more important than acquiring a new customer because it is six times more expensive to find a new client. So to sum it up, customer service is important because it;

  • Increases the client’s loyalty which in turn increases its retention
  • Increases the purchases 
  • Increases the frequency of purchases
  • Generates a positive reputation for your business in the market
  • Brings you, new customers

Creating A Perfect Experience With Intelcom Customer Services

Creating A Perfect Experience With Intelcom Customer Services

Numerous reasons answer why it is important and multiple ways in which its delivery can be ensured to create a perfect experience for one’s customers. The main strategies are:

  • To understand the client’s needs and desires
  • Respectfully treating the customer
  • Abiding by promises that you made with your client
  • Effective and prompt complaint handling and graceful returns
  • Trying to exceed customer expectations
  • Reaching an extra mile to help your client

All these strategies help foster a valued customer feeling maximized over time and help in the lifetime retention of the client. After discussing the strategies, let us discuss the types of customer service that any company can provide;  So depending on the goals and proposals of an organization, it may employ various kinds of customer service. Briefly, these two types are;

Types Of Customer Services

Types Of Intelcom Customer Services

Digital channel customer service:

This is done through web service, online communication etc.

Live agent customer service:

This is done through in-person assistance, live chats, social media correspondence etc, and online courier tracking.

Intelcom Customer Service Working & Strategy

Now, after briefly discussing what customer service is and its importance, strategy and types, let’s discuss how intelcom’s customer service works and what is its strategy. As we have earlier discussed, IntelCom is a rapidly evolving Canadian-based company that works in the E-commerce and delivery sector. Intelcom works in transportation, Supply Chain, Logistics and Storage.

Its Head Quarters are in Montreal, Quebec, with a company employee size of 2460. The company’s specialities include

  • Shipping
  • E-commerce
  • Courier, Technology
  • Logistics
  • IT
  • Customer Service
  • BI
  • Marketing
  • RH
  • CRM
  • Finance
  • Express package pick up
  • Delivery service

INTELCOM gives the same and next day parcel deliveries, courier, distribution and many other services. You can also check Intelcom Tracking for free. You will also fine more courier tracking tools like ST Courier Tracking, Madhur Courier Tracking, PostNet Tracking, UDS tracking & Call Courier Tracking.

INTELCOM is focused on delivering last-mile customer products. For this, it has established a very strong “national network,” making it Canada’s top last-mile delivery service provider.

To understand how INTELCOM customer service works, we first need to understand how INTELCOM works. The service delivery is divided into the following steps, as shown in the figure;

Intelcom Customer Service Working & Strategy


This step starts when any customer sends their shipment to intelcom’s station. 


In this step, the shipment is unpacked at the station and sorted. Here two types of reception are incurred 

Directly injection:

the company receives the shipments at its stations from the clients.


The company picks up the consignment from the customer’s warehouse.


The consignment is sorted under the “optimized delivery route.” The shipment is scanned for its shipment label, called tracking i.d and sent to the client. 


In this step, the shipment is loaded by the drivers onto the trucks.


As the delivery is incurred, the client receives the notifications. The delivery timings range from 8 AM to 9 PM ad 24/7 a week. 

As a nationwide provider of customer and delivery services, Amazon is a client of Intelcom, which uses its delivery services to load and deliver consignments.

Alongside Amazon, Landmark Global and Pitney Bowes are also clients of INTELCOM, which manage the shipments for Etsy and eBay, respectively. 

The company works under the name of Intelcom Express, also known as “Intelcom Courier Canada Inc”, and is a Canadian courier and packaging company. This company nearly delivers 4 million shipments per day across the country. It is a 100% legit company. 

INTELCOM Customer Contact Centre

Intelcom Customer Contact Centre

Last but not least, to contact the Intelcom company, one has to contact the intelcom’s Customer Contact Center (CCC)

This team provides the “first-line support” during the shipping process. The customer service representatives can speak English and French, both the official Canadian languages. The customer service representatives support the customers in the following areas;

  • Complaints
  • Estimated time for shipment arrival
  • Errors in manipulations
  • Refusals
  • Delivery attempts
  • Stolen packages
  • Shipment return
  • And other numerous situations which can arise during the process of delivery. 

INTELCOM Customer Services Timings

Intelcom Customer Services Timings

The customer service representative’s availability slot is 

  • 8:00 AM to 11:00 PM from Monday to Friday
  • 9:00 AM to 8:PM On Saturdays and Sundays. 

How To Contact INTELCOM Customer Service

  • You can visit website and launch a complaint
  • Talking to CSR by calling the landline number: 1 833-622-1570
  • Opening a case by form filling, after which the CSR contacts the consignee. 
  • Dedicated email
  • Dedicated toll-free line


Throughout this work, we learned what customer service is, its importance, its strategies, and its types. It then discussed Intelcom’s customer service, its types, timings and everything else. Hope you liked the blog. If you have any questions or queries related to it please feel free to comment below.

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