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Last Updated on December 6, 2022

We offer free VRL Logistics shipment tracking. Tracking and tracing are essential for any parcel company. It allows you to keep track of every delivery and piece of your shipment. Additionally, it lets you see the entire process from when the package leaves your warehouse until it arrives at its destination.

 The purpose of this post is to explain how to track VRL Logistics shipments using VRL Tracking Service.

VRL Logistics Consignment Tracking & Tracing System for Your Parcel Delivery

You will receive a tracking number when you book your shipment with VRL.

To track a shipment of your goods, you must go to the warehouse and check its status. That’s a real pain. Our experience tells us this.

Logistics is something we’ve been doing for a while. You don’t want to wait for the courier to deliver your goods. It is imperative that you locate the shipment as soon as possible. You need to know the status of the shipment as soon as possible.

That’s why we created VRL Logistics tracking. With this parcel tracking system, you can track your shipments and get the current status of your consignments.

How to track parcel from VRL logistics?

  1. For VRL logistics express online live tracking, enter your waybill number, LR number, consignment number, master way number, or docket number.
  2. To track, click the Track button.
  3. VRL tracking current status will be displayed to you. 
  4. Avoid any spaces or special characters while entering your waybill number for online GPS tracking. 
track parcel from VRL logistics

Facts & Figures of VRL 

DR. Vijay Sankeshwar founded VRL in 1976 to provide logistics solutions.

The company is listed on the Indian stock exchange. There are 8,83,43,495 capital shares in the company. The company is listed under the Transport services industry.

Their market capitalization was 43.67 billion Indian rupees until the end of March. According to the company, it has the country’s largest fleet of commercial vehicles. 

When they entered the parcel delivery business, they focused on last-mile delivery in remote areas of India. With 956 branches and franchisees, they operate 553 offices throughout India. Their fleet comprises 5111 vehicles, 101 of which carry cars and 17 of which carry liquids. They operate in 109 towns at the moment.

The company works hard to manage the most frequent courier issues, including theft, pilferage, and shipment damage. Some of their renowned clients include Maruti, Nissan, Hyundai & Toyota.


You can book parcels weighing from 1 kg to 40 tons with VRL couriers. The courier service is currently limited to Karnataka. However, VRL can ship intercity parcels using other couriers such as ST Courier Tracking, Madhur Courier Tracking, and TCI Courier Tracking.

 Using company-owned vehicles, VRL provides the following services.

  • Door to door
  • Door collection
  • Priority Cargo
  • COD ( Cash on Delivery )
  • Return 
  • FTL ( Full truckload services )
  • Transportation of Vehicles / Liquids / Expensive Machinery
  • VRL Air Transport
  • VRL Travels

VRL transport tracking

As VRL provides cargo & travel services as well, therefore you can also check your transport tracking status online. For tracking the VRL bus, you should have the transport details provided while booking the ticket. Using this core vehicle tracking system, you can see the departure and arrival times of the VRL bus. In addition to tracking vehicles, this core system can also track goods and groups. You can explore more options by creating a VRL login.

VRL Tracking Number Receipt

VRL Tracking Number Receipt

VRL tracking number is a 10 digit numeric number. It is also known as waybill number. It is provided to you after booking your orders. An example of a tracking number is

VRL Tracking Logistics Customer Care Numbers

LocationOffice NamePhone EmailAddress
KARNATAKACORPORATE OFFICE580 029[email protected]Giriraj Annexe, Circuit House Road
BENGALURU BENGALURU OFFICE560 018[email protected]Pampa Mahakavi Road KCCF Compound
Opp. To Kannad Sahitya Parishad
HYDERABAD HYDERABAD OFFICE500 003[email protected]Plot No. 18, Paigah Colony, Phase-I
Behind Anand Theater S.P. Road
PUNE PUNE OFFICE411 009[email protected]Sr. No.42A, Asha House, 1st Floor,
Near Hotel Panchami, Shahu College Road, Parvati,
CHENNAI OFFICECHENNAI OFFICE600 006[email protected]Parsan Manere Plot No: 10
“C” Wing, 4th Floor, Mount Road
REGD. & ADMN. OFFICEKARNATAKA581 207 [email protected]Bengaluru Road, VARUR
MUMBAI MUMBAI OFFICE400 705[email protected]Unit No.7 & 8, 1st Floor, Sector No. 19/A
Near APMC Dana Bunder, Banking Commercial Complex,
NEW DELHI NEW DELHI OFFICE110 015[email protected]No 21, Near Zalkhira Circle,
Rama Road
KOLKATA KOLKATA OFFICE700 029[email protected]7/1 Lake Terrace Road
Deshapriya Park,
Nearest Metro Station Kalighat
AHMEDABAD AHMEDABAD OFFICE 380 022[email protected]608, 6th Floor, P B Parekh Towers,
Opp Vanijaya Bhuvan,
Near Diwan Ballubhai School,
Kankaria Road, AHMEDABAD

For VRL tracking in Raipur, Guwahati, Jabalpur, Delhi, Ranchi, Coimbatore, Vasai, India, Ahmedabad, you can use the above information from the table.

Board of Directors – VRL BOD

There are 12 Board of Directors on their panel, which are:-

  3. Mr. K N Umesh
  4. Mr. L R Bhat
  6. Mrs. Medha Pawar
  7. Dr. Anand Pandurangi
  8. Dr. Raghottam Akamanchi
  9. Mr. Shankarasa Ladwa
  10. Dr. Ashok Shettar
  11. Mrs. Smriti Bellad

Frequently Asked Questions

What is LR number tracking?

LR stands for Lorry receipt. This receipt is generated by the transporting agency when you book transport of goods by road.

What is the full form of VRL transport?

VRL full form is Vijayanand Roadlines Ltd

Where is consignment number VRL receipt?

VRL consignment number is mentioned at the top right corner of the receipt handed over to you after booking your order.

How many vehicles are in VRL Logistics?

VRL logistics have a fleet of 5111 Vehicles. It Includes 295 Passenger Transport Vehicles and 4816 Goods Transport Vehicles.

Where is the head office of VRL Logistics?

VRL head office is located in Hubballi, Karnataka, India.

Final Words

In conclusion, we aim to provide a simple and effective way to track VRL shipments. Please feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section below.


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