Who is the CEO of Call Courier? An Insight into PostEx’s Acquisition

Last Updated on November 15, 2023

In the rapidly evolving landscape of fintech and e-commerce, it’s vital to stay updated on significant market changes and key players. One such noteworthy player is Call Courier, a leading third-party logistics provider in Pakistan. Recent buzz surrounds its acquisition by PostEx, an up-and-coming fintech sensation. Let’s delve deeper into this merger and shine a spotlight on the CEO behind Call Courier’s success.

In August 2022, the fintech landscape in Pakistan experienced a seismic shift. PostEx, known for its specialty in providing credit to e-commerce entities, announced its acquisition of Call Courier. This strategic move bolster PostEx’s service reach, now spanning 1.5 million users, engaging with over 9,000 merchants across 500 cities in Pakistan. The announcement also earmarked PostEx’s remarkable growth trajectory, positioning it on the cusp of becoming the largest fintech in the country, with a monthly loan book surpassing $12 million.

The CEO of Call Courier: Jawad Mirza Continues Leadership

CEO Call Courier
CEO of Call Courier Jawad Mirza

Jawad Mirza, the driving force behind Call Courier’s meteoric rise, not only founded the company but also masterfully led it as the CEO. Even after the significant acquisition by PostEx, Mirza continues to helm the operations of Call Courier, retaining his role as CEO. His pivotal leadership is further recognized as he joins the Board of Directors at PostEx. While Call Courier now stands as a wholly-owned subsidiary of PostEx, it is under Mirza’s continued stewardship and vision that the brand will move forward in this new chapter.

Inside Scoop: Call Courier’s Transition to PostEx

Recently, the team at ANYCOURIERTRACKING managed to secure an exclusive conversation with a pivotal figure from PostEx. While this key position holder chose to remain anonymous, they provided critical insights into the aftermath of the merger between PostEx and Call Courier.

The undisclosed source revealed that a gradual yet determined transition is underway. The Call Courier name, its official website, and related platforms will soon be rebranded under the PostEx banner. As the integration progresses, the ultimate aim is for only PostEx to stay operational, phasing out the standalone identity of Call Courier.

This transition also extends to user accounts and portals. While existing Call Courier customers continue to operate on the original platform for now, newcomers are being directed to the PostEx portal for order bookings and other functionalities like tracking call courier. This strategic move underscores PostEx’s intention to streamline its services and create a cohesive brand image, consolidating its position in the market post-acquisition.

The Backstory of PostEx

Founded in 2020, PostEx isn’t a stranger to significant achievements in a short span. Their capital inflow boasts an impressive $8.6 million raised over two seed rounds, with renowned names like Zayn Capital, MSA, Global Founders Capital, RTP, FJ Labs, Shorooq, and VSQ backing them. The brainchild of founder and CEO Omer Khan, PostEx was established with a noble cause. Khan envisaged a platform to support e-commerce businesses grappling with capital restrictions and logistical inefficiencies. He identified a pressing issue – the lack of adequate bank loans for these businesses, leading them to struggle with maintaining working capital due to cash flow limitations.

The Logic Behind the Acquisition

Cash-on-delivery, a prevalent mode of transaction in Pakistan’s e-commerce sector, represents a staggering $6.5 billion, accounting for over 90% of e-commerce transactions. This payment method, although popular, leads to prolonged payment cycles, creating cash flow challenges for online merchants. PostEx, with its acquisition of Call Courier, aims to address these challenges head-on. Beyond cash-on-delivery, PostEx offers revenue-based financing, positioning itself as a pioneering and ultimate source of non-dilutive financing for e-commerce.

The Vision Ahead

Call Courier’s Mirza acknowledges the vast understanding his company has of bulk mail, e-commerce, cash-on-delivery, and the intrinsic needs of the sector. This merger, in his words, symbolizes a venture into uncharted waters, an embrace of new challenges, and a commitment to continued growth. Both companies, with their combined strength, look forward to ensuring quality deliveries across Pakistan and offering indispensable financial backing to the e-commerce sector. They are ready to give tough competition to their competitors like TCS.


In a world where mergers and acquisitions often dictate market trends, the union of PostEx and Call Courier is more than just a business decision. It’s a collaborative vision for the future of fintech and e-commerce in Pakistan. As for Call Courier’s CEO, Jawad Mirza, his journey is far from over; in many ways, it’s just beginning.