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Last Updated on August 23, 2023

Courier services have seen a revolutionary change with the advancement of technology, and one such noteworthy entrant in the industry is SDA. Known for its impeccable service in Italy and abroad, SDA has solidified its place as a premier courier service. And now, with platforms like ANYCOURIERTRACKING.COM, tracking your SDA packages becomes even more hassle-free!

Track Your Courier

How to Track SDA Packages

While there are many ways to track SDA packages, platforms like ANYCOURIERTRACKING.COM have simplified the process. To track your package:

  2. Enter your unique SDA tracking number in the provided field.
  3. Hit ‘Track’, and voila! Real-time updates about your package are at your fingertips.

SDA Tracking Number

An SDA tracking number typically comprises a unique combination of 13 digits, both numbers and letters. This unique code ensures that your package can be tracked accurately through its entire journey.


For those specifically looking to track their packages within Italy, ANYCOURIERTRACKING.COM’s dedicated SDA Italy Tracking tool is a godsend. The platform’s seamless integration with SDA’s system ensures that tracking is accurate, prompt, and reliable.

SDA Tracking Notifications

At ANYCOURIERTRACKING, we understand how crucial it is to be updated on the whereabouts of your shipments. SDA tracking notifications stand out as they deliver real-time insights about the exact location and stage of your parcels. From the point they embark on their journey at the sender’s end (‘LA SPEDIZIONE E’ PARTITA’) until the moment they’re safely in the hands of the recipient (‘LA SPEDIZIONE E’ STATA CONSEGNATA’), you’re kept in the loop.

Deducing these alerts provides a clearer picture of the expected arrival time, potential hiccups in the process, and offers confidence in knowing the precise status of your package. Although these notifications predominantly use Italian phrases, their translated counterparts make them comprehensible for all, becoming an indispensable tool for monitoring your deliveries. You can also check other Italian courier like BRT tracking on ANYCOURIERTRACKING.

Decoding SDA Tracking Notifications for Clarity

S.NoStatus NameDescription
1LA SPEDIZIONE E’ PARTITASignifying the commencement of the parcel’s journey, it has now left its original point.
2ARRIVO AL CENTRO POSTALEMarks the package’s arrival at a primary postal hub, ready for sorting and subsequent transit.
3IN TRANSITOAs the name suggests, your shipment is on the move between various postal facilities.
4IN LAVORAZIONEYour parcel is undergoing sorting or is in a phase of preparation for its next leg of the journey.
5IN CONSEGNAGreat news! Your package is now with the delivery personnel, about to reach its destination shortly.
6LA SPEDIZIONE E’ IN VIAGGIOThis denotes that your parcel is traveling from one key postal center to another.
7DESTIN. ASSENTE-SVINCOLA ONLINE PER NUOVA CONSEGNAThe recipient wasn’t available. Not to worry, an online request can be made for a subsequent delivery attempt.
8SPEDIZIONE PROCESSATA PRESSO LA FILIALE DI CONSEGNAYour shipment has undergone processing at the concluding delivery branch and is set for its ultimate delivery.
9GIACENZA PER SPED. RIFIUTATA/SVINCOLA ONLINEThe shipment faced a hold-up due to its rejection. An online intervention can resolve this for further actions or redelivery.
10LA SPEDIZIONE E’ STATA RIFIUTATAThe package was declined by the recipient for specific reasons.
11INIZIO GIACENZAYour package has now entered a storage phase, typically because delivery attempts haven’t been successful.
12LA SPEDIZIONE E’ STATA CONSEGNATAA sigh of relief! Your shipment has successfully reached its intended recipient.

When you key in your SDA tracking codes on ANYCOURIERTRACKING, you’re promised exhaustive, step-by-step updates on your parcel’s status. We make tracking transparent and straightforward!

SDA Express Courier International Delivery

SDA is not just confined to Italy. Their International Express service spans more than 200 countries. And what’s better? Every international delivery can be tracked seamlessly on ANYCOURIERTRACKING.COM.


SDA stands out as a reliable and rapid partner in the realm of logistics and distribution. At ANYCOURIERTRACKING, we recognize and appreciate the unparalleled services offered by SDA and proudly offer tracking for their shipments on our platform.

Dedicated to bolstering their client’s businesses, SDA operates with a comprehensive network that blankets the entirety of Italy. Their versatile service range is impressive, spanning from standard express courier offerings to integrated logistics. They also showcase proficiency in technical courier services, in addition to offering innovative technological solutions tailored for online commerce, and an extensive international portfolio that incorporates both express and road services.

What’s remarkable is the sheer volume of their operations. SDA dispatches hundreds of thousands of shipments daily, making its presence felt in over 200 countries globally. This Herculean task is managed by a dedicated team of over 4,000 individuals and is facilitated by a fleet of roughly 4,500 vehicles that crisscross Italy each day.

A noteworthy mention is SDA’s collaboration with the Poste Italiane Group. Since 1998, SDA has been an esteemed member of this group, which holds the distinction of being Italy’s premier company in the services sector.

Key FeatureInformation
FOUNDEDRoma nel 1984
TURNOVER 2017about € 550 million
EMPLOYEESabout 1,544
VEHICLESabout 4,500
NAMESDA Express Courier S.p.A. with single shareholder – part of Poste Italiane Group
REA (Administrative Economic Index)906440
VAT NUMBER05714511002
SHARE CAPITALEuro 10,000,000.00 fully paid in


With branches spanning the length and breadth of Italy and offices in major global cities, SDA ensures a local presence for global delivery needs.


For SDA clients, support is just a phone call away. Should you have queries or concerns about your shipments, or need to provide updates on delivery addresses, the dedicated SDA Express Courier helpline at 800 33 66 66 22 is at your service.

They’re open for business and ready to assist from Monday to Saturday, 8:00 am to 8:00 pm. If you’re more digitally inclined, SDA’s online presence extends beyond their website. They offer a unique Skype communication channel. To kickstart a conversation, simply head to the SDA website and click on the chat icon located in the online assistance section.

For those with general questions or seeking quick solutions, the “Frequently Asked Questions” corner might just have the answers you need.

Contact MethodDetails
TELEPHONE06 665921
FAX06 66411595-96
E-MAIL[email protected]

SDA Delivery Time

The expected time for your package to reach its destination hinges on several factors: the nature of the service chosen and the shipment’s final stop.

SDA’s Domestic Delivery Time Frames

For those opting to ship within Italy, SDA offers an array of tailored services catering to specific needs:

  • Extra Large Service: A popular choice for larger consignments, packages typically reach their destination within 1 to 2 days post collection.
  • Store Refill: A boon for businesses frequently restocking multi-item inventories in their outlets. Expect your shipment to be delivered in a 1 to 2-day window.
  • Garment Hanging: Dressing up Italy, one delivery at a time! Expedited shipping for garments, with quick turnaround times of 1 to 2 days.

Scaling the Globe with SDA’s International Delivery

The time frames for your international parcels are as follows:

  • European Union Nations: Your package is a mere day away from its EU destination.
  • USA and Canada: Your North American recipients can expect their parcel in about 2 days.
  • Rest of the World: A slightly broader window of 2 to 3 days, ensuring your package reaches every nook and cranny of our global village.

What truly elevates the SDA experience? Regardless of how quick the delivery, SDA never compromises on security. With SDA’s robust tracking system, ANYCOURIERTRACKING ensures that clients always have a bird’s-eye view of their shipments, providing peace of mind with every package sent.


SDA’s success is not just due to cutting-edge technology but also its visionary leadership. Their management team comprises industry veterans dedicated to constant innovation. SDA CEO is Gabriele DiMarzio and Massimo Rosini is the President.


From domestic express services to comprehensive international logistics solutions, SDA has a bouquet of offerings tailored for individuals and businesses alike.

S.NoEXTRALARGE Services CategoryDetails
1Unlimited ShipmentsNo limitations on the weight, size, or number of parcels.
2Parcel Restrictions – WeightUp to 70 kg per parcel and 500 kg for pallets.
3Parcel Restrictions – Dimensions450 cm total of three dimensions, with individual dimensions not exceeding 280 cm and 170 cm. Pallet dimensions are 120x100x170 cm (including support).
4Oversize SurchargeApplied if any parcel exceeds mentioned limitations.
5Weight ConsiderationsBoth real and volumetric weights are taken into account for fees, using the formula: height x width x length / 3333.

2. ANDATA&RITORNO (Sender–Recipient–Sender)

  • Weight and Dimensions: Ship up to 15 kg per parcel with a maximum size of 150 cm (sum of three sides).
  • Return Policy: If the courier doesn’t receive the return shipment simultaneously with the delivery, the waybill for the return becomes void.
  • Bank/Insurance Company Terms: Only specific items like checks, money orders, and other credit instruments are transportable.

3. CAPI APPESI Services

    • Shipments: Up to 50 kg and 120 cm in height.
    • Single Parcel: Only one parcel per waybill.
    • Shipments: Up to 50 kg with a maximum height of 260 cm.
    • Single Parcel: Only one parcel per waybill.


  • MOTOTAXI “STANDARD”: Ship items up to 5 kg (90 cm sum of three sides for motorcycle service) or 30 kg (150 cm for car service).

5. QUICK SERVICES (Milan Exclusive)

Special conditions: Availability is contingent upon factors like traffic and weather. There are specific conditions under which reimbursement is granted for delayed shipments.

  • MOTOTAXI “RED PEPPER”: Ship up to 5kg with dimensions of 90 cm (sum of three sides) and a guaranteed delivery within one hour.
  • MOTOTAXI “SUPER RED PEPPER”: Similar to “Red Pepper”, but delivery is guaranteed within 30 minutes.

International Services

  • Express Air WorldWide: Ship worldwide without weight or size limits for the shipment as a whole. Individual parcels have set limits.
  • Road Europe Service: Shipping parcels or pallets within Europe, with specific limitations on weight and size. Multiple parcels and pallets are allowed. There are specific guidelines and fees for various shipment parameters.

Cash on Delivery:

S.NoCash on Delivery CategoriesDetails
1Service AvailabilityAvailable for Capi Appesi, Extra Large services, and its corresponding Insured.
2Minimum FeeApplies up to €516,46. Over this amount, a percentage fee is applied to the exceeded portion.
3Maximum Amounts€2.999,99 (cash); €12.499,99 (non-transferrable cashier’s check to the client/SDA Express Courier S.p.A or personal check to the client); €5.000,00 (non-transferrable personal check to SDA Express Courier S.p.A).
4Service RestrictionsNot available for occasional shipments.
5DocumentationSpecific waybills are required for use. Notes written by the client on other documents have no legal standing for SDA.
6A. Cashing TermsClients authorize SDA to collect Cash on Delivery amounts. Modes of collection include: a) Cashier’s check to client; b) Personal or cashier’s check to SDA Express Courier; c) Cash (with limits).
7B. Payments RemittanceRemittance of collected sums varies by method. Sums returned by bank account transfer on 10th, 20th, 30th of each month. If dates are on weekends/holidays, remittance occurs the next workday.
8C. Liability LimitationsSDA is not liable for failed collections if the wrong waybills are used, for irregularities or for thefts.
9D. AuthorizationsSDA can assign substitutes for sum collection. If payment fails, SDA can hold and return the parcel.
10E. FeesFees are applicable even if delivery is refused, unless it’s SDA’s fault.


  • Available for Capi Appesi, Extra Large, and cash on delivery services.
  • Insurance terms:
    1. €3,50 fee for insured value up to €500. Over this, a percentage fee is applied (only available online).
    2. Additional fees apply based on coverage caps (€258,23, €516,46, etc.). For values over €2.582,28 up to €50.000, fees are upon request.
  • Client can choose either insurance condition per shipment. Insurance only covers direct and material damages. A 10% excess is deducted from reimbursements, with a minimum of €25,82.
  • Insurance changes must be made through approved SDA methods.

F. Basic Coverage:

  • Extended coverage to €6,20 per kilo in case of theft, loss, or damage. This doesn’t cover gross misconduct or malicious acts.

International Insurance for “Express” and “Road Europe”:

  • Insurable values: €1.500 or up to €50.000 (on request).
  • Insurance covers direct and material damages per waybill.


  • Shipments that can’t be delivered are stored for 15 workdays from the day after the first delivery attempt.

Hold for Collection:

  • Included service allowing recipients to collect shipments at an SDA branch.
  • Shipments not collected go into storage, and storage costs apply to the sender.

Proactive Release and Storage Dossier:

  • If a delivery fails due to an incorrect address, SDA may attempt to find the right address and deliver the shipment. Extra fees apply if successful.
  • If a shipment cannot be delivered, a paid storage procedure starts. SDA informs the sender and asks for instructions.
  • The sender can guide SDA on how to proceed through various channels, including a toll-free number and online portals.
  • If the shipment is released for another delivery attempt, redelivery fees apply.
  • Specific charges apply for storage, return to sender, and hold for collection.
  • Communication about storage is sent based on the sender’s preference.
  • For certain clients, this communication will be exclusively online.

Absentee Recipient:

  • If delivery fails because the recipient isn’t present, they can ask for a reattempt within 3 days for free.
  • After 3 days without recipient action, storage procedures begin, and storage costs apply.

Time Definite Extra Services:

  • Offers guaranteed delivery services by specific times: Ore 9 (by 9 am), Ore 10 (by 10 am), and Ore 12 (by 12 pm) the day after pickup.
  • Specific conditions apply for areas covered, timings, and how to use this service.
  • If a delivery is over 15 minutes late, the client can either be reimbursed or not charged, depending on certain conditions.
  • There are procedures to activate these services, and clients need to ensure proper labeling.
  • Weight and size limitations exist for each service tier.

Delivery Extra Services:

S.NoService CategoryDetails & Exclusions
1Al piano (Floor Delivery)– Allows deliveries right to the recipient’s door.
– Weight and size limit: 30 Kg and 150 cm (sum of three sides) with the longest side not exceeding 100 cm.
– Multiparcel shipments cannot be more than 6 parcels.
– Exclusions: Mototaxi, Carriage Forward shipments, Hold for Collection service.
– Andata&Ritorno service: only for the outward shipment.
2Su appuntamento (By Appointment)– Ensures punctual deliveries by setting up a scheduled appointment.
– SDA contacts recipient for delivery time.
– The appointment can’t be scheduled beyond the next 5 workdays.
– Exclusions: Mototaxi, Time Definite, Hold for Collection, Carriage Forward services.
3Riconsegna su Appuntamento (Re-delivery by Appointment)– If the first delivery fails, a second attempt is scheduled.
– Can be activated either before or after shipping.
– Exclusions: Mototaxi, Carriage Forward services.
4Di sabato (Saturday Delivery)– For Saturday home deliveries.
– Areas/Zip Codes restrictions apply.
– Exclusions: Mototaxi, Time Definite, Hold for Collection, Carriage Forward, Di sera services.
5Di sera (Evening Delivery)– Evening delivery between 18:30 to 21:00, Mon-Fri.
– Area/Zip Code restrictions apply.
– Exclusions: Mototaxi, Time Definite, Hold for Collection, Carriage Forward, Di Sabato services.
6Consegna programmata (Scheduled Delivery)– Delivery on specific days and/or times.
– Can’t be scheduled during release phase.
– Exclusions: Mototaxi, Time Definite, Di Sabato, Di sera, Su appuntamento, Hold for Collection, Carriage Forward services.
7A giorno stabilito (Fixed Day Delivery)– Set an exact date and timeframe.
– Can’t be scheduled during the release phase.
– Exclusions: Mototaxi, Time Definite, Di sabato, Di sera, Su appuntamento, Hold for Collection, Carriage Forward services.

Delivery Extra Services Activation:

  • Users of SDA technological solutions can request by filling out the waybill.
  • Clients with handwritten paper waybills need to use the “Delivery Extra services” sticker.
7EXTRALARGE AL PIANO (Floor Delivery)€8.00
8Up to 2 kg€10.74
9Over 2 kg to 5 kg€14.79
10Over 3 kg to 10 kg€16.53
11Over 10 kg to 20 kg€17.30
12Over 20 kg to 30 kg€20.03
13Over 30 kg to 50 kg€28.61
14Over 50 kg to 70 kg€40.87
15Over 70 kg to 100 kg€58.37
16Over 100 kg (price per quintal)€58.37
18CAPIAPPESI Small€29.00
19CAPIAPPESI Large€33.54
21ECONOMY (0 to 70 kg bracket)€30.00

1CASH ON DELIVERY (up to €12,499.99)€10.00
2INSURANCE (up to €2,582.28)€7.10
3TIME DEFINITE by 9 am€24.00
4TIME DEFINITE by 10 am€24.00
5TIME DEFINITE by 12 pm€12.55
6Delivery/Re-delivery by Appointment€8.00
7Saturday Delivery€24.00
8Evening Delivery€24.00
9Scheduled Delivery€8.00
10Fixed Day Delivery€8.00
12Remote Locations€20.00
13Peripheral Locations€1.00
14Carriage Forward€1.00
15Surcharge for Outsized/Irregularly Shaped Items€15.00
16Non-stackable Items Surcharge€15.00

Final Words

In the world of courier services, SDA stands out not just for its impeccable delivery record but also the transparency with which it operates. Platforms like ANYCOURIERTRACKING.COM further enhance the user experience, making SDA parcel tracking a breeze. Whether you’re an individual sending a personal package or a business with vast logistics needs, SDA, in tandem with ANYCOURIERTRACKING.COM, ensures that you’re always in the know. So, the next time you think of sending a package, think SDA, and remember, tracking it is just a click away!