What is DRS Number In Courier

Last Updated on September 9, 2023

DRS is discussed in different ways on the internet. We at ANY COURIER TRACKING have brought you authentic information about a courier’s DRS number. DRS stands for Delivery Run Sheet. 
Basically, a courier delivery representative records your information in a form called a DRS. This post discusses what a DRS Number is and how it can be used to track and verify a shipment’s status.

DRS Number Explained In Detail

drs number explained

The Delivery Run Sheet has changed the way companies operate. It has improved the delivery process and client satisfaction. DRS sheets can be customized to meet specific needs. 

The DRS Number carries information like pin codes and

  • Signature
  • Name
  • ID number
  • Phone number 


signature in drs

The client is required to sign the DRS. This proves that the specific customer who was addressed on the parcel has received the package. As a result, no customer can complain later that they didn’t receive their shipment or that it was damaged.


On the DRS, the recipent’s full name is listed. This field on the form helps make sure that the shipment is delivered to the right recipient. 

ID Number:

details on a drs sheet

This field contains the recipent’s identification number. Multiple customers may have the same name. A unique ID number is used to differentiate them. Everyone has a unique identification number assigned to them by their government. The DRS Sheet ensures that the shipment is being delivered to the real recipient named on the DRS Sheet.

Phone number :

On this sheet, there is a field that contains the mobile number of the client. It is done in order to cross-verify or contact the client in case of any asymmetry.

The History of DRS Numbers – Why are they Necessary?

history of drs

Courier companies handle large volumes of consignments. It is not uncommon that an order is lost in transit or that a customer does not receive their order. Due to the rise of online shopping and services, we have also seen the rise of many courier startups.

It was therefore necessary to design a system that could be incorporated into courier companies to ensure quality assurance and customer satisfaction. Thus, DRS Delivery Run Sheets were developed. 

Benefits of DRS Number 

A DRS number is very helpful to the smooth operation of any courier company. It serves as a backup for POD receipts. The customer signs on DRS along with the AWB. You can assume that this is an alternate Proof of Delivery. 

In fact, it’s a number that’s updated once the parcel has been delivered successfully. After delivery, the courier company receives a DRS receipt. It is a receipt signed by the consignee. The Delivery Run Sheet contains details of all shipments with tracking information.

Is It Possible For A Courier Company To Operate Without DRS?

Yes, a courier company can operate without DRS. Yet, not utilizing technology and proven methods to deliver products efficiently would never be ideal. This is why every courier service should utilize them. Many courier companies like Madhur Courier, Intelcom Tracking, PostNet tracking, UDS Tracking, TCI tracking, VRL tracking, DTDC tracking & Call Courier are taking advantage of Delivery Run Sheet.

Why does my delivery report say pending?

what does pending means on a drs

The status of your delivery run sheet will show pending if the shipment has not been completed. For the delivery report data, you will need to wait until delivery has been successful. You can also track your courier online, such as ST Courier tracking.

Call the courier company if you haven’t received your package for a long time and inquire about its status. You may be told that it’s still in transit. When they tell you that the package is delayed, you can ask when it will arrive. Ask them to check with their customer service department to find out what is going on if they don’t know. 


DRS is a critical part of smooth and effective operations of Courier Companies. Thanks for reading. Feel free to comment below with any questions or comments.