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Last Updated on November 24, 2023

Welcome to, your ultimate destination for tracking a multitude of courier services, including the esteemed Intertown Transport (ITT). In today’s fast-paced world, where the movement of parcels is as dynamic as the bustling streets of Johannesburg or the scenic routes of the Garden Route, our platform stands as a beacon of reliability and precision. We bring to your fingertips the ability to track shipments in real-time, ensuring that you are always connected and informed.

Our platform is engineered for ease and efficiency, catering to both individual and business needs. Whether you’re anxiously awaiting a personal package or tracking a critical business shipment, our ITT tracking feature is designed to provide seamless updates with unparalleled accuracy. By bridging the gap between you and your shipment, we offer a level of transparency that transforms how logistics is perceived and managed.

ITT Couriers Parcel & Transport Tracking Online

At the core of our service offerings lies ITT tracking, a symbol of our commitment to excellence in courier tracking. This feature exemplifies the essence of our platform – providing a straightforward, hassle-free way to keep tabs on your ITT parcels. With the digital world evolving rapidly, staying ahead in the courier tracking domain is crucial, and our platform ensures that you’re not just keeping pace but leading the way in shipment tracking.

Utilizing cutting-edge technology, our ITT tracking service integrates data seamlessly, offering real-time updates and detailed insights into your parcel’s journey. From the moment your package leaves the sender to the instant it arrives at its destination, our platform ensures you’re always in the know.

How to track parcel from Intertown ITT Courier Tracking?

Tracking your ITT parcel with is a simple, three-step process:

  1. Visit and Navigate: Start by visiting Here, you’ll find an intuitive interface that guides you directly to our ITT tracking section. Our website is designed for easy navigation, ensuring you find what you need without any hassle.
  2. Enter the Tracking Number: Once you’re in the ITT tracking section, enter your unique ITT tracking number or waybill number in the search bar. This number is a crucial link to your parcel’s journey, serving as the key to unlocking a wealth of real-time information. Be sure to enter the number accurately to ensure precise tracking details.
  3. Receive Updates: After entering your tracking number, simply click ‘Track’ to initiate the tracking process. Within moments, our system will provide you with detailed information about your parcel’s current status and location. This information is continually updated, ensuring you have the latest data at your fingertips.

ITT Intertown Transport Facts & Figures

Intertown Transport (ITT), a name synonymous with reliability and excellence in courier services, has a rich and storied history just like other South African Couriers like Postnet & Buffalo. Established in 1979 by Peter Bokelmann, ITT began its journey as a pioneering force in the logistics industry. The company saw a significant turning point in 1985 when Rob Tomlinson joined forces with Peter, bringing a fresh perspective and becoming a shareholder. This partnership marked the beginning of a new era for ITT.

Tragedy struck in 1991 with the passing of Peter Bokelmann. In the wake of this loss, Rob Tomlinson stepped up as the sole shareholder, steering the company through this challenging period. The ITT family grew when Grant Tomlinson, currently the Managing Director, joined his brother at the helm. This period saw a consolidation of vision and purpose, setting the stage for further growth and innovation.

The narrative of ITT took another turn in 1996 when Rob Tomlinson passed the torch to John Keates. This transition brought new energy and direction to the company. A year later, in a testament to family legacy and commitment, Grant Tomlinson stepped in as a partner, further strengthening the company’s leadership. The family ethos continued to be a hallmark of ITT’s management style, with Gavin Keates, John’s son, joining as a shareholder in 2004.

2012 was a landmark year for ITT, marking a new chapter of independence and growth. Grant Tomlinson and Jonathan Meyer, embracing the spirit of entrepreneurship and dedication, acquired all shares from the Keates family, steering ITT towards new horizons.

Today, ITT stands as a testament to resilience and growth, boasting impressive statistics that underscore its success:

  • A dedicated team of 700 employees works tirelessly to ensure seamless service.
  • A robust fleet of 210 vehicles traverses diverse routes to deliver parcels.
  • Operations are spread across 18 branches, ensuring wide-reaching service coverage.
  • Supported by 15 agents, ITT ensures a strong presence and accessibility.
  • Annually, ITT proudly handles over 2.2 million deliveries, a number that speaks volumes about its capacity and customer trust.

These figures are not just numbers; they represent the heart and soul of ITT – a company built on a legacy of dedication, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to service excellence.

ITT Tracking Services

ITT offers a variety of services, including:

Road Freight: Secure and swift transportation for boxed goods.
Air Freight: Fast delivery to major centers across South Africa.
Chain Stores: Efficient warehousing and distribution services.
Pharmaceutical Distribution: Meeting stringent requirements for medicine transport.
E-Commerce & Home Deliveries: Reliable courier services for online sales.
RICA Compliant Distribution: Specialized collect and delivery services.

ITT Intertown Transport Branches in South Africa

ITT comprehensive network spans 18 branches:-

Branch NameAddressContact NumberPOC Name and DetailsEmail
Cape Town67 Manhattan Street, Airport IndustriaTel: 021 385 1007Gary Higgins (Ops Manager) – Cell: 083 650 6469[email protected]
Julian Scholtemeyer (Reg Manager) – Cell: 083 321 4547[email protected]
Collections[email protected]
Cradock39 Frere Street, CradockTel: 048 881 0128Lericha van As (Branch Manager) – Cell: 082 475 9011[email protected]
East London10 Electron Road, WoodbrookTel: 043 726 0279Sean Wyer (Regional Manager) – Cell: 082 323 6533[email protected]
Collections[email protected]
Fort BeaufortShop 21 The Grove, Durban Street EntranceTel: 046 645 1267JP Holder (Regional Manager) – Cell: 082 659 2534[email protected]
Graaff Reinet7A Factory StreetTel: 049 891 0381Linda Pienaar (Branch Manager) – Cell: 082 652 9306[email protected]
GeorgeSteinhoff Industrial Business Park, PW Botha BlvdTel: 044 878 1960Martin Smith (Reg Manager) – Cell: 064 759 2518[email protected]
Alberto Mouton (Ops Manager) – Cell: 060 976 8202[email protected]
Collections[email protected]
GrahamstownRautenbach Road, Industrial AreaTel: 046 622 7553JP Holder (Branch Manager) – Cell: 082 659 2534[email protected]
Jeffreys Bay7 Blaaukraans str., Fountains EstateTel: 042 293 3937George Mundell (Branch Manager) – Cell: 082 893 3364[email protected]
Johannesburg31 Spartan Road, IsandoTel: 011 974 0879Martin Smith (Reg Manager) – Cell: 064 759 2518[email protected]
Dirk Meyer (Ops Manager) – Cell: 082 323 0972[email protected]
Rene Simpson (Projects/Risk Manager) – Cell: 082 880 5852[email protected]
Collections[email protected]
[email protected]
Knysna28 Meeu Street, Knysna IndustrialTel: 044 382 1959Isaac Klue (Operations Supervisor) – Cell: 082 320 7646[email protected]
Port Alfred2A Keey Street, Port AlfredTel: 046 624 1752Megan Kriel (Branch Manager) – Cell: 082 618 3794[email protected]
Port Elizabeth95 Martin Street, Old Showgrounds, North EndTel: 041 453 2616Grant Tomlinson (Director) – Cell: 082 652 7552[email protected]
Jonathan Meyer (Director) – Cell: 083 267 5215[email protected]
Ken Light (Director) – Cell: 066 226 6559[email protected]
Mzukisi Dyasi (Ops Manager) – Cell: 082 653 2608[email protected]
Tyrone Milligan (Financial Manager) – Cell: 082 659 2425[email protected]
Collections[email protected]
Track and Trace[email protected]
Queenstown20D Factory Road, QueenstownTel: 045 839 2997Gavin Coetzer (Branch Manager) – Cell: 082 653 1894[email protected]
SpringbokZyho Truck Yard, Inry Street, Industrial SpringbokTel: 027 712 1370Louise Wiese (Branch Manager) – Cell: 072 147 6333[email protected]
Collections[email protected]
Umtata3 Progress Street, Vulindlela Industrial, MtataTel: 047 495 0721Morris Prins (Branch Supervisor) – Cell: 082 776 8388[email protected]
Swellendam24 Russel Street, JD’s Office Park, Industrial AreaTel: 028 514 1783Tristan Fredericks (Branch Supervisor) – Cell: 082 323 7074[email protected]
Piketberg28 Die Trek StreetTel: 022 495 0025Luzindi Scheepers (Kiosk Supervisor) – Cell: 082 618 3785[email protected]
WorcesterShop 23, Q Square, High StreetTel: 023 492 0017Karen Van Zyl (Kiosk Manager) – Cell: 081 862 3485[email protected]
VredendalOld Telkom Building, 18 Circle WayTel: 060 884 4585Jo-Ann Fredericks (Business Developer/Branch Supervisor) – Cell: 060 884 4585[email protected]

Contact Details or Customer Services

For any inquiries, reach out to us at:

  • Address: The Old Showgrounds, Martin Street, Sidwell, Port Elizabeth
  • Headoffice: 95 Martin Street, Old Showgrounds, North End
  • Phone: +27 41 453 2616
  • Email: [email protected]

ITT Management

Founded in 1979 by Peter Bokelmann and later joined by Rob Tomlinson in 1985, ITT has a rich history. Currently led by Grant Tomlinson and Jonathan Meyer, ITT team is dedicated to upholding the legacy of delivering exceptional services.

Does ITT Deliver on Weekends?

Intertown Transport (ITT) offers the option of Saturday deliveries, albeit with certain specific conditions and additional charges. While standard delivery services typically exclude weekends, ITT can accommodate Saturday deliveries through a special arrangement known as “drive away.” This service, however, incurs extra charges, reflecting the additional operational costs of weekend deliveries. It’s important for customers to note that all requests for Saturday deliveries must be confirmed through ITT’s operations hub. This confirmation ensures that the logistics are feasible and that customers are aware of the associated costs and arrangements necessary for a weekend delivery.


At ANYCOURIERTRACKING, ITT tracking is more than just a feature – it’s a commitment to delivering your parcels with care and efficiency. Trust us to be your reliable partner in courier services.